1. You will find a college you belong at, even if it takes a while to feel that way when you get there.
  2. Just do it-whatever it is, because even if you don’t succeed, you can take it, learn from it, and grow.
  3. Take a step towards becoming more independent-Even if this is something small like making your own appointments (thanks, mom), it will feel good.
  4. It is okay to not know what you want to do with your life- Honestly, being expected to know how you want to spend your next 50 years, day in and day out at the age of 17 is absurd, and you will figure it out in time.
  5. That being said, take your time and explore ANYTHING that interests you- Better yet, try something new that you would never have in the past. Who knows, you might end up actually loving it.
  6. Always make time for the people you love and who love you- Make sure to keep up with your best friends, because they are the people who helped you through your hardest times, and laughed beside you through the best.
  7. Family is forever.
  8. Challenge yourself- Physically, academically, anyway.
  9. Things change- In ten years from now, you will probably be a place in life you never planned for, and along the way you will be tested in many ways.
  10. Your happiness is up to you- It’s hard to feel like you have the ability to control your happiness, but it’s in your hands. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to a good place in life and don’t stop until you get there.