AIM was the best way to contact your friends back in middle school. As soon as you got back from a tough day of learning pre-algebra, nothing was more satisfying than sitting down at your desktop computer, opening AIM and hearing the door creak open as all your best friends became available to chat. But what did the username you chose say about you?

1. The animal lover

Ex: horseluver227, puppyluv99, xxKittyCatGirlxx

Whether domestic or farm, if you loved a certain animal it was definitely mentioned in your AIM username. Because your friends probably didn't know how much you loved animals already based on the 7 horse folders and horse backpack you carried around school.

2. The athlete

Ex: footballguy88, batnballgirl2213s (mine), soccernumber4

Its not like you frequently talked to people you didn't know. Everyone you talked to probably knew you played sports. But, that did not stop us from reminding our friends with every message that we played these sports. Because, you know, in middle school sports are taken very seriously.

3. The flirty girl

Ex: xoxoMiiiikaylaxoxo, KatieLovesYoux0x0, emiilyyXx

Lots of X's, lots of double letters and maybe your "xoxo"s were made of 0s. These were the girls who got to talk to the cool athlete boys even when your username CLEARLY stated you also played sports. Those double lettered hoes always got the man.

4. The movie/TV show obsessed person

Ex: TwilightLuvEdward, starwarzluvr99, ilovehannahmontana22

Because as we have learned, if you love something and it doesn't make your AIM username, did you really love it?

5. The jokester

Ex: JACKofalltradez21, MARYhadalilLamb

Making a pun with your name certainly meant that you were the class clown. If you were a jokester but couldn't make a name pun, sucks for you.

6. The person who was oddly obsessed with beaches even though they lived inland

Ex: beachbabyyyxoxo, bikinibabe25, beachlooover29

Because being surrounded on all sides by land and never seeing a beach with your own two eyes did not stop you from making it the core of who you were on AIM.

7. The boring person

Ex: JessicaSmith24, Annie32Jones, LilyElizabeth44

Maybe your love for animals, sports or beaches just didn't beat out using, you know, your name. But just know we all thought you were lame.

8. The obsessed-with-your-significant-other

Ex: ilovebraddxoxo, mikesbabe33, megansdude4411

There weren't many of these people, but they were there. They are most likely the people who's text signature was the date they started dating their significant other. This too-close couple were often spotted making out during lunch even though you were all 12.

9. The one who was oddly mature for being a 6th grader

Ex: sexylexi27, catherinehottiexoxoo, lildevil6

There's just something about being a 12-year-old and calling yourself sexy. Didn't your moms check your AIM conversations to make sure they were appropriate?

10. The generic personality trait

Ex: Bubbly77, funluvr88, sillygirl79172

Because why leave it to your school pals to find out that you are a fun-lover or that you're bubbly when you can save them the trouble and just make it your username.