10 Netflix Shows You Can Binge Watch And Never Get Tired Of

10 Netflix Shows You Can Binge Watch And Never Get Tired Of

I went outside once. That was before Netflix.


We all have one. There is a show in everybody's lives that you can continue to binge watch when you have no other show going on, and never get sick of it. Even if you pick up in the middle of season 4 episode 12, you know exactly what has happened up until then, and almost recite every line. Despite all of that, you never get sick of it. Here are 10 Tv shows you can binge watch and never get sick of it.

1. Greys Anatomy

Even though we can't always keep straight who has died in which season.

2. How I Met Your Mother

Each episode has its own plot line, so you can pick it up anytime!

3. The Office

We all want a good Jim and Pam relationship.

4. Gilmore Girls

Then, when they made A Year In The Life, our lives just got better.

5. Friends

You're lying if you say you don't know the theme song by heart.

6. Archer

Do you want ants? Because thats how you get ants.

7. One Day At A Time

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn about life.

8. Son's of Anarchy

Hot bikers with dad bods? Enough said.

9. Shameless

You'll leave every episode wishing you were a Gallagher.

10. Parks and Recreation

Because we all have a little Ron Swanson in us.

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