Sometimes I fall behind on Broadway musicals. Here's 10 of my favorites that should be yours too.

1. Run Freedom Run: Urinetown

Yall. This musical is about urine. Do I really need to say more?

2. Seasons of Love: Rent

I am pretty sure every chorus kid sang this in middle school.

3. 9600: In the Heights

This is the song you scream on top of a table inside of a IHOP....... I have definitely never done this...2014

4. Wait for it: Hamilton

Hamilton. That is all.

5. Hello: The Book of Mormon

You can belt this with all 20 of your friends and each have your own part.

6. History of Wrong Guys :Kinky Boots

Lauren makes me realize maybe all my exes aren't so bad.

7. Big fun: Heathers

This is the house party I never got invited to.

8. Cell Block Tango: Chicago

Brings out the killer in everyone.

9. Superboy and the Invisible Girl: Next to Normal

I like to think this means everyone's family is a little messed up.

10. So Much Better: Legally Blonde

This is a huge "in your face song"