Every Monday through Friday, we suffer in silence. College students across America know the struggle. For most, this time comes before noon. For the worst, it comes before 7 a.m.


That dreaded portion of the day before food or coffee, and before all the unfortunate social interactions yet to come. It is the time we must leave our blessed beds for the cold, cruel world. Be it for class, work, mandatory events, community service, or even just going to brunch, there are many ways we get up in the morning (or procrastinate doing so). Here are a few:

1. That feeling when it wasn't a dream and your alarm is, in fact, going off

Why? Why do I have to be awake right now?

2. When you close your eyes for just a second and suddenly you're late for class

I blinked and it was 9:30. I don't know how it happened.

3. The stare-at-your-phone-contemplating-existence-while-watching-the-clock-and-hating-life

You know, if I actually got up instead of staying in bed for an hour, I could sleep in longer ... Nah.

4. —but first, coffee

According to science, college students' bodies are made up of at least 10% caffeine.

5. Drinking during the week sounds a lot less fun the morning after

Everything hurts, your phone is at 12%, and you definitely didn't shower last night. Happy Hump Day.

6. The one time you actually open your blinds in the morning


7. You turn off your alarm, sit up in bed, get ready to get up, and ... nevermind

I can get ready in five minutes, right?

8. You are your own worst enemy

Me: I need to get up

Me @ me: five more minutes

9. You finally get up, only to doze off somewhere else

The couch is a trap. DON'T sit down.

10. When you realize you can miss one more class before being docked points

That's enough math for the day.