10 Moments That ALL Incoming College Juniors Know Too Well

Welp, as many incoming college juniors, I can say that the pressure is on. I have been asked countless times about internships and my job prospects. I have yet to finish my required courses for my major, but I am supposed to be a "master" at this point. Also, I am two years deep in student loans, and I am realizing how expensive my university is.

1. When you receive syllabus emails TWO WEEKS before classes start.

2. You brave the university website to see if professors uploaded course requirements.

3. The professor only allows THEIR textbook, and you can only BUY IT NEW.

4. 25 percent of your grade is group presentation and projects.

5. All the internships that the advisor suggests are taken or require additional weekend hours.

6. Thus, you take it upon yourself to find one. YOU find the perfect internship, but the dean will not approve it.

7. While looking at your credits, you realize you still have not taken significant required classes. SO the next semesters will be 18 credit course load.

8. "Welcome Freshmen", the professor says as you are the ONLY non-freshman in the class.

9. Most of your friends have graduated, and you only interact with them via group chat.

10. BUT, you realize you love your university and when you do leave you will miss it and the memories you made.

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