10 Milwaukee Day Trips You Can Go On

10 Milwaukee Day Trips You Can Go On

Explore America's Dairyland, and no, these trips do not include cheese or dairy.

Milwaukee itself is filled with life, music, history, food, and events on a regular basis. But, are you looking to get out of the city a bit and see what else Wisconsin has to offer? There are tons of amazing places to visit throughout the state, but here are some of my favorite:

1. Pewit's Nest

A secret series of waterfalls in the woods in quiet and low-key Baraboo, Wisconsin. Bring your suits and camera because this treasure is gorgeous. You can hike all the way up to the top of the waterfalls, or swim in the drop off area less than a quarter mile down stream. A short two hour trip from Milwaukee makes Pewit's Nest the perfect day trip for any adventurer.

2. Wisconsin Dells

Right by Baraboo is the famous Wisconsin Dells. In a day, you can go to the water parks at Noah's Ark, pet the animals at the Deer Park, get some pizza from Moosejaw, take a ride on the Ducks through the rivers, shop downtown, and so much more. The Dells is a great tourist attraction in the heart of Wisconsin, but again is a little under two hours away from Milwaukee. It's the perfect place for families but you're never too old. There's plenty of nightlife and attractions for adults as well!

3. Devil's Lake

This trip is a little farther, reaching about two and a half hours away, but it is worth it. If you're coming from Milwaukee, you have to take a ferry over for the last chunk of the road trip. Devil's Lake is an amazing stop for hikers, swimmers, bikers, and campers. Walk the paved trails on the mountains or take a thrill ride and scale right up the side of the mountain, going nearly vertical. There are over 29 miles of trails reaching 1,329 feet in elevation. In the winter, you can go snowshoeing, too! Individuals of all ages can enjoy the scenic views and challenges the trails offer.

4. Madison

Who can forget about the state's capital? Madison is located just about an hour and a half west of Milwaukee. There's the free Henry Vilas Zoo, the capital building, all of the shops along state street, the free museums located right by the capital building, the Memorial Terrace, the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and so much more! Madison is the perfect place to get away from Milwaukee for the day. Experience Wisconsin's history while enjoying a nice Badger Game in Camp Randall Stadium! On Wisconsin!

5. Chicago

Just another mere two hours south is Chicago, Illinois. No, this is not in Wisconsin, but there is still so much to do in the Windy City! You can get the city pass for the day and check out the Planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, see The Bean, visit the Sky Deck, experience the Shedd Aquarium, and so much more! Branch out of your Wisconsin comfort zone and check out Chicago for the day! You can even take the train right form the heart of Milwaukee to Chicago.

6. Up North

This location is very broad, but anywhere in Northern Wisconsin is the perfect getaway for the weekend. There will most likely be little to no WiFi, so submerge yourself in the woods and become one with your surroundings. You can go boating on the lakes, try out wake boarding or skiing, go hunting, check out the family owned shops downtown. Being up north is always an amazing time whether it be in summer or winter. Finishing off the night around the bonfire with some smores and sparklers is always the perfect way to end a busy and exciting day on the water.

7. The State Fair

No, this is not technically a location you can go to year round, but at the end of summer is the Wisconsin State Fair! The 50 cent milk is always a hit with the exciting flavors. There's the cream puffs that are of course the best when you can see them getting made. Almost half of the fair food is either deep fried or on a stick. At night, there are concerts galore! You can't forget about the Big Giant Slide that's smack dab in the middle of the fairgrounds. It's a blast for young and old alike. It's the highlight of every summer that nobody in Wisconsin can pass up, no matter how far away you have to travel to get there. The State Fair is located in West Allis, Wisconsin, a mere 15 minutes away from Downtown Milwaukee and is always a family favorite.

8. Summerfest

Again, this isn't technically a day trip; it's an eleven day experience. Summerfest is the world's largest music festival with eleven days full of all genres of music. Performers range from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Luke Bryan to Rise Against and more. This festival truly is for anyone and should be on everyone's bucket list whether you're from Wisconsin or not. There's also street performers, tons of food vendors, and more right on Lake Michigan.

9. Cave of the Mounds

Located a little under two hours from Milwaukee, right outside of Madison is the Cave of the Mounds. This is a site for those thrill seekers and history lovers. Cave of the Mounds is in fact a cave that you can take an hour long walking tour through. You'll learn how the caves and structures were made. There are also walking paths through fields and woods surrounding the cave entrance. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

10. Seven Bridges

Located in South Milwaukee, Seven Bridges is an amazing series of hiking trails right along Milwaukee's Lakefront. During the fall season, leaves change color and add to the already gorgeous scenery. There are hills and cliffs that overlook the lakefront as well as a secluded beach on Lake Michigan. It is free and open to the public, and is an amazing photography spot. It is a classic spot that many locals love to visit and I urge you all to visit on your next trip to Milwaukee.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Biro

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Learn Something Valuable From These 7 European Countries

When you are surrounded by chocolate, treat yourself.

America is a big country. So large that some parts of the country are so diverse they may as well be in different worlds, yet, American soil will always have one uniting factor: The American Dream. So, if we have an idea that enables synonymity in our vast country then that means that as different as some American counterparts may seem, we also share much of the same. This is why international travel is so important.

In fact, global traveling is more feasible then some may think, and can help shape your life in tremendous ways. So, here are seven life lessons there are to learn from those other international communities, specifically seven countries from Europe.

1. Spain: Be diverse in your choices

The Spanish are famous for their “tapas”. If you spend time in Spain then you will undoubtedly encounter this diversified little meal. Tapas are essentially small little plates (or tasters) of different dishes. This thereby encourages making choices that consist of variety, reinforcing to those who are creatures of habit to try something new!

2. England: Spend time outdoors

Take a trip to England and you will be surrounded by areas of preserved green space. When walking the streets of London you can expect every other block to be an area reserved for a small community park, not to mention the tremendously large parks in London, like Hyde Park. This dedicated space for outdoor enjoyment encourages people to get out of their homes and go move around in the parks.

3. Belgium: Treat yourself

Oh, the Belgium chocolate. Belgium is world renowned for having excellent, gourmet chocolate. Must I say any more? Treat yourself! With a chocolatier shop on every corner, it’s hard to miss.

4. The Netherlands: Exercise

When people think of Amsterdam, they often think of bicycles. Boy, is that true. Bicycles rule the road in the Netherlands, especially the populated city of Amsterdam. It is not uncommon to see elegantly dressed women, mothers with newborns, or toddlers cycling along the busy streets. Take a page from the Dutch way of life and try using your bicycle as your main mode of transportation.

5. Germany: Learn a foreign language

The German language is a bit abstract to English speakers. Which means if you do not speak German, then you will be playing charades to find your way through the German homeland. Some regions consist of seasoned English speakers, but do not plan on it. Take this as a mental note to learn a new language.

6. Italy: Eat good food

Italian food. Yum. The Italians know how to achieve high-quality life through their beautiful leisurely vacation destinations, fine art scene, and AMAZING FOOD. Take a trip to Italy, eat good food, and come home realizing you should treat your taste buds better then you have.

7. Denmark: Don’t take candy from strangers

Allow me to clarify something: the Danish are very sweet and kind people. Their candy will not actually cause damage to your body in terms of being toxic, but your taste buds will revolt unless you like salted black licorice.

Cover Image Credit: Jazmine Kelleher

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7 Things You Know If Avalon, NJ Is Your Beach Of Choice

After all, Avalon is cooler by a mile!

Summertime is almost here and that means our days will go from sitting in the classroom to heading down the shore. And if you go to Avalon, NJ, then you definitely know how truly special it is. Sure, Wildwood and Sea Isle City can be great for a day, but nothing truly compares to the Seven Mile Island.

So, if you frequently go to Avalon then you definitely know these seven things!

1. The smell of the marsh water becoming stronger and stronger as you cross over the bridge onto the island.

If there’s one thing that I love the most about Avalon is the smell of the water as you drive down Avalon Boulevard. There’s nothing I love more than rolling my windows down upon reaching the boulevard, turning up the music a little louder, and just simply breathing in the smell of the water.

It lets you know that you’re finally here—you’ve made it to the Seven Mile Island. Whether your drive is 20 minutes, 40 minutes away, or over an hour, soon you’ll be able to park your car in the driveway and leave all of your worries behind.

2. You can’t forget to pack your beach tag before going to the beach!

In comparison to other beach towns along the Jersey Shore, not many beaches require you to have a beach tag on you. Yet Avalon is one that does.

While it may seem like an annoyance to buy a beach tag every year, it guarantees the beach stays nice and clear all summer round. And who wants to lay out on the beach next to a pile of trash?!

Just remember to pack your beach tag and try to leave your snacks behind. After all, no one wants to be the person that lures all the seagulls to the sand!

3. Everyone dives off the 24th Street bridge (even though we’re not supposed to do it anyway!)

When you’re driving over the 24th Street Bridge on a hot, summer day, the chances of seeing young adults jumping off the bridge into the water are pretty high.

Yes, there are signs that say no jumping or diving is allowed, but you’re never caught more than half the time anyway. So if you’re looking for a quick dip and don’t feel like running back to your house to grab your beach tag, head on over to the 24th Street Bridge.

Just remember to dive and take a dip responsibility!

4. Going to Avalon Freeze at night after a hot day.

Enough said.

5. You can practically walk/bike anywhere and you could spend hours strolling along Dune Drive.

One of the best parts about Avalon is how everything is close together, especially along Dune Drive. The number of shops lined up along the street, where the concrete is adorned with seashells and seahorses, could keep you occupied for hours.

Want a cute new Avalon sweatshirt? Stop in Breezin’ Up. Need some coffee to start your day? Avalon Coffee can certainly add a pick me up to your day!

Not only that, but there’s nothing better than walking to a restaurant for dinner in the evening and walking back to the house during the sunset. (And that moment becomes even better if you stop at Avalon Freeze on your way home! Again, enough said.)

6. Want to take a winter trip to Avalon? You definitely know the places open all year round because it isn’t many!

Sometimes, you just simply can’t wait for the summer before going to Avalon. There are times when you just need to head to the island just to get away and clear your head.

And if this is the case, you should definitely know the places that are open all year round before you go! Because lots of shops don’t open until early May and trust me, I learned this the hard way a few weeks ago. Only a few shops are open during the middle of April!

Tonio’s and Wawa are always my personal go-to’s for food during the winter, but if you’re looking for a good breakfast? Uncle Bill’s can easily ease those cravings!

7. If there’s a chance of heavy rain, you know there’s a chance for flooding!

If you’ve been to Avalon quite a few times, you know that heavy rain means one thing—flooding. By now, you know the right spot to move your car when there’s a risk of flooding (the 24th Street Bridge is always packed!) or you know that the streets never flood where your house is!

Regardless of where you live, you can see the images of young children and teens floating down the street in their bright yellow tubes once the rain ends.

Because after all, no one lets a storm rain on their parade in Avalon!

While it can be quaint and quiet at times, you know how truly special Avalon, New Jersey is. You know how just the salty air can help ease all of your worries away and how watching the sunrise on the jetty early in the morning can truly help put things into perspective.

So, get ready to spend your summer days at the shore! The summer days are quickly approaching and soon, we’ll be able to spend our days relaxing on the beach. (Just don’t forget your beach tag!)

Cover Image Credit: Alexa Padley

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