College feels like a totally different world, and it can definitely be intimidating and scary at first. Although, before you know it you will find those long lasting friendships you wish you've always had.

These people will be the ones that make your college experience worthwhile, and the people who will care for you no matter what. I know college can be scary, but these types of relationships make college that much easier to adjust to.

1. The "best friend soul mate" relationship.

This is the person you will instantly click with. This is the person who literally is, "your person." The one you walk to class with, the one you call down to your dorm room to talk about life, overall the person you do everything with. "Your ride or die" kind of friend. The person you know that would do anything for you, and you would do absolutely anything for them as well.

2. The boy who finally gives you the love you deserve.

This is the boy who makes you happiest on your worst days, and accepts you on your good and bad days. The boy who gives you endless, unconditional love even when you least deserve it. The boy who walks you to your 8 AM's, the boy who helps you study for 4 hours a day, and the boy who loves you for you. The boy who changes your entire view on love.

3. The friend who always makes dad jokes to make you smile.

This is the friend that always tries to make you smile when you least want too. The person who uses total dad jokes to try and lift your spirits till you have a big smile on your face, and won't give up till then.

4. The friend who is literally the same person as you.

This is the person that you meet and you have very similar tendencies too. The person who talks in the same lingo, loves the same food, and has the same dislikes/likes as you. This person is very easy to get along with, and is definitely a long lasting friend.

5. The person who understands your struggles.

This is the person you can open up to and they will be fully accepting of your struggles. The person you can talk to about your problems and they will always provide endless love and support to you when you most need it. This is one of the most significant people you'll meet, because its so beneficial to meet people in college who make you feel not so alone.

6. The friend who gives you endless happiness when they are around.

This is the person that whenever you see them, they instantly put a smile on your face and their presence seems to brighten your day no matter what is going on. The person who whatever you're doing with them, you're just so happy to be around them.

7. The relationship you make with the people who live on your dorm floor.

Its important to go out in your common lounge and talk to the people on your floor to build long lasting friendships that'll last throughout college and even beyond. Your floor will probably have events in which you can get to know those on your floor, don't be afraid to invite someone who lives next door to a sporting event or a movie night your dorm is hosting. You will get pretty close with the people that live on your floor.

8. The friend you knew in high school but got closer too when college came around.

This is the person who is your sense of home when you go to college. The person who makes you feel safe in college. Since you already know this person, as you experince this new journey of college together it will definitely strengthen your relationship.

9. The people you can do absolutely anything with and always have a good time.

These are the people you will go to two hour choir concerts with and giggle and make the best time out of it with. You can do absolutely nothing with these people and still find a way to have a blast. If you're sitting in your dorm bored, you invite these people over and they will definitely lighten up the mood.

10. The people who quickly become your "squad".

And lastly, these are the people who will make a significant impact on you and your growth. They will be here for you when times are rough, and they will be there with you to celebrate the best times of your life as well. They will provide you support, love, and everything you need to feel loved. These are the people you just can't get enough of.