10 Things I Wish I Knew as A High School Freshman

10 Things I Wish I Knew as A High School Freshman

Or just things I really wish somebody else told me.

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1. Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE.

I know it sounds weird, but being a teacher's pet is vital. It will get you that extra point to bring you from an 89 to a 90, and a teacher who likes you usually goes easier on your essays or open ended questions - even though they will never admit it. Be respectful, ask your teacher how their day was, and get close to them. Trust me, it pays off.

2. Homework is a little thing that goes a long way.

It may seem like something little, but homework adds up. It not only helps your grade when you need those extra points, but it also really helps you understand the material. Even though you may not realize it, by practicing math problems and completing assignments, you'll be way more prepared for the exam.

3. Make friends in each class.

Say your teacher sucks, or the class is brutally boring. Having a few buddies in the class sure makes it easier.

4. Go to sleep early.

There is nothing worse then trying to wake yourself up during class a billion times. Also, nobody is motivated to do work when all they can think about is getting back into bed under the covers.

5. Eat breakfast before school.

Some people love to skip eating before classes, but you need your brain food. Also, being hungry makes you not want to do any schoolwork, ultimately causing yourself to be counterproductive.

6. Drink coffee or caffeinated tea.

Anything with caffeine, seriously. If you're going to get less than 9 hours of sleep, make sure you're downing at least a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes you need to stay up late to finish assignments or study and that's okay. Just make sure you order a venti the next morning instead of a grande.

7. Don't straighten/curl your hair each morning.

I know you want to impress the boy that sits near you in English, or you want to hear people tell you how pretty your curls look. At most, style your hair with heat twice a week with a generous amount of heat protectant spray! Trust me, you'll regret it when you reach senior year with dry and frizzy hair from all that straightening.

8. Wear something comfy each day

Jeans will suck when you're halfway through first period just wishing you were back in pajamas. Why not have the feeling of pajamas without actually showing up in flannels? Throw on those comfy sweatpants and head off to class!

9. Carry water bottles in your backpack

The fountain may be a bit gross, and it's no fun to be super thirsty only ten minutes into chemistry class.

10. Study for every test.

During the moment it may feel excruciating, but there is no better feeling than walking out of a test knowing you aced it. Say goodbye to looking around the room to see if anyone if willing to give you the answer to numbers 1-50 on the Scantron!


And lastly, just know that...

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