10 Helpful Resources For Undergraduate Students At Washington State University
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Student Life

10 Helpful Resources For Undergraduate Students At Washington State University

Don't be afraid to reach out to these resources they are here to help you, the student.

10 Helpful Resources For Undergraduate Students At Washington State University

College can be difficult all on its own it is always good to know the different resources that are available to you as a student. Remember there are many helpful resources throughout your campus don't be afraid to reach out to them they are specifically there to help you, the student. Here at Washington State University, there are many resources readily available to you.

1. Academic Success and Career Center (AKA ASCC)

The Academic Success and Career Center has many helpful tools for students. They have tutors, career counselors, internship assistance, and other careers resources. The ASCC is located in Lighty Student Services building 160-180. For more information visit https://ascc.wsu.edu/

2. Counseling and Psychological Services (AKA CAPS)

This service works to help you intellectually, emotionally, and socially. There's counseling, workshops that help you with stress, grieving, and healthy relationships, and other outreach programs. If you would like to learn more visit https://counsel.wsu.edu/ or call 509-335-4511

3. The Access Center

The Access Center helps students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries.The help with testing, note taking, and other accommodations to help students succeed. Learn more at https://accesscenter.wsu.edu/

4. Health and Wellness

Vision clinic, pharmacy, health check-ups, Health and Wellness has it all. If you ever feel under the weather or just want to get a quick health check-up stop by. Health and Wellness is located in the Washington Building on the south side of campus. To learn more about your health options visit https://hws.wsu.edu/

5. Future International Students

If you are an international student Future International Students is something you may want to check out. They have housing, scholarship, tuition, and other important information about the university in reference to international students. Learn more about cost, scholarships, housing, and student life at https://ip.wsu.edu/future-students/

6. Student Financial Services

If you are trying to figure out your financial side of things. Make an appointment and go to Student Financial Services. Make sure to take advantage of this resource as early as possible the more you know about your financial options the less stress you'll have. Visit https://financialaid.wsu. for more information or call 509-335-9711

7. University Recreation (AKA URec)

Like University Recreation says sweat your stress away. Take 30 minutes out of your schedule each day and work out at the University Recreation Center. They also have a pool, a hot tub, basketball courts, indoor soccer, volleyball, and other fun things to do. Learn more about University Recreation at https://urec.wsu.

8. Center for Civic Engagement (AKA The CCE)

If you are looking to get involved and get some hands-on experience in something you like try the Center for Civic Engagement. They help you connect throughout the community and gain great experience while helping your community out. For more information about the different opportunities that The CCE provides visit https://cce.wsu.edu/

9. Handshake

Handshake is an online career search tool administered by the Academic success and career center. Log in with your student account information, fill out your student profile, and match with hundreds of employers throughout the nation. There are internships, entry-level jobs, manager positions, and much more. Check out all the job opportunities nationwide at https://wsu.joinhandshake.com/

10. WSU IP-International Center

The international center is located on the lower level of the Compton Union Building on the WSU-Pullman campus. If you are interested in learning about different cultures or just want a place to go and relax the International Center is the place to be. They have different language conversation tables, free printing, quiet space to study, and internship opportunities! Plus their staff is the sweetest! The International Center is located in the lower level of the Compton Union Building (A.K.A CUB) L46. Learn more at https://ip.wsu.edu/on-campus/the-student-center/

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