Although many do not realize it, architecture is one of the most challenging and rewarding majors out there. Living in studio is not something many college students can relate to, but anyone who spends a day in architecture school is sure to hear and probably say most of these ten things.

1. "I just spent $20 on printing."

That doesn't even include the dozens of dollars spend on materials.

2. "Were you able to go to bed last night?"

Nope, not "what time did you go to bed?" We've moved beyond that.

3. "Do you have to redesign your building again?"

There is a 99% chance that the answer to that is yes.

4. "I can't believe that (insert name of most intimidating instructor) will be at our review."

Good luck, because at a certain point that's all you have left.

5. "Do you think I need to reprint this?"

If you have to ask, sadly the answer is probably yes.

6. "Can I borrow some pins?"

They always seem to disappear into the abyss after pin-up.

7. "I wonder if studio will run late today."

Obviously, a three-and-a-half hour class isn't already long enough.

8. "The plotters are down again."

Disappointed, but not surprised.

9. "Wow, my drawing turned out fairly decent!"

Thrilled, and definitely surprised.

10. "Good luck!"

No matter how difficult studio or other classes become, you'll always have supporting peers and instructors to encourage you along the way.