People always ask me how I can be happy all the time. I tell them it's not happiness, because happiness fluctuates as the circumstances of life change. I tell them it's joy! Joy is not contingent on the circumstances of life, but it's an attitude. Here, I've outlined my joyful lifestyle, and I hope it's something you can make apart your lifestyle too.

1. You don't linger in the past and you don't live in the future.

You make sure that you are always present. You look for the beauty and blessings of each day, despite the consequences.

2. You don't compare yourself to others.

You recognize that you are a unique individual with a particular set of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you weren't created to be like another person, and you should never try your best to replicate the successes of someone else. When you do, you lose bits and pieces of the beautiful person that you are.

3. You don't dwell on your mistakes and failures.

Whatever has happened, has happened. No amount of regret will change it! Learn from your mistakes and recognize that your mistakes keep you humble. And put your faith in God, knowing that He can always take your mistakes and turn them into something greater.

4. You don't speak deceitfully and you don't try to be someone you're not.

If you weave a life full of lies, you will never feel at peace or content.

5. You don't complain.

As easy at it is to complain about things, complaining really only makes you feel worse. Speak positively and the outcome will always be more positive than if you complained all the way through it.

6. You seek to challenge yourself in small ways and big ways.

You have goals clearly outlined and a vision ahead of you. Don't stress yourself out by setting goals that are completely unattainable. Take small steps first. Remember, it's the little things that ultimately matter.

7. You don't rush.

If you rush your way through life, you just wind up being more drained, exhausted, and dissatisfied. Your life will fly before your very eyes and it'll be over before you even got to enjoy the best parts of it.

8. You don't count the wrongs of others.

Yes, people will be mean to you. People will be selfish and be inconsiderate of your feelings. Your closest friends or family members aren't perfect, and they may at times hurt you. But don't let that bottle up inside of your heart. Let it go. It's not easy at first because of pride, but honestly, it will make you feel so much better. When you let things go, you're kinder to others and yourself. You realize that you've probably made the same mistakes in the past, and you're not immune to making them in the future. So forgive! It'll free you.

9. You smile and you laugh with people (not at them)!

A genuine smile and a good, hearty laugh is medicine to your bones. If you haven't laughed or smiled at all day, spend quality time with some quality people who will make you crack up! Smiling and laughing is quintessential to living a better life, I guarantee it.

10. You seek to love others and be loved.

As human beings, we were all made to not only receive love, but to give love. You can't be happy if you have one without the other. The truth is, is we don't feel loved all the time. But if your identity is rooted in the fact that you are unconditionally loved by God, that love will help you to love yourself and to love other people. Without true love, life wouldn't be worth living. So, embrace the love God has for you and choose to embrace other people.