In college us, students, don't have time to keep our personal hygiene at tip top shape. Even though we'd deny it if asked, ALL women have these gross tendencies; in college or not.

1. Competing with yourself to see how long you can go without washing your hair.

You can use dry shampoo, or throw it in a top knot, or wear a hat. The possibilities are endless.

2. Wearing the same sweater over and over again that has.

Never. Been. Washed. Because what if you wash it and it's not as soft?

3. "Oops I forgot to wear deodorant today... I guess I'll just douse myself in this High School Musical perfume I found in the bottom of my backpack."

4. Swirling your strands of hair into a neat abstract piece of art onto the shower wall.

5. Using makeup that you've had for years and has probably expired (yes ladies, your makeup expires).

6. And NEVER cleaning your makeup brushes.

7. Inspect your tampons/ pads way longer than necessary; more out of curiosity than reassurance of your health.

8. Being secretly satisfied by all of the gunk spread on your pore strip.

9. Picking off your nail polish and leaving the remains everywhere.

Or your split ends. Or your dry skin. Anything that you can pick at and leave your DNA.

10. And that hot professor who you've been fantasizing about naked instead of listening to lecture?

Yeah. That's gross too.

But c'mon. We all do it. All of it. Even if we don't want to admit it...