10 Gross Things Everyone Does In The Winter

Let's face it, the winter months bring out our grossness. When the first snow hits, we turn into a whole different type of disgusting creatures. It's okay though-- at least we can admit it, sometimes. Afterall, it isn't really our faults we become gross people, it's because it's cold. Here are 10 wintertime habits that everyone is guilty of-- whether you're willing to admit it or not.

1. Cutting back on showering because getting naked means you'll get colder with every layer you remove

For those few seconds between finishing undressing and being under the hot shower is the worse and are avoided at all costs. You don't smell yet so putting off this moment for a few more days to avoid being even colder is okay.

2. Refusing to go pee in the middle of the night because you don't want to get out of your carefully wrapped blanket cacoon

You wake up at 3 am and have the sudden urge to pee-- real bad. Instead of getting up to actually go pee, you just hold it in until the morning when you realize you reabsorbed your pee. Then you stand up and your bladder feels like it is going to explode.

3. Buying and using extreme amounts of lotion

More time is spent in the winter smothering on mounds of lotion to every inch of your face and body. If you could, you would bathe in lotion and even then your skin would still be dry as hell.

4. Wearing winter hats not for warmth or because they are stylish, but to cover up your gross unwashed hair

Trying to convince yourself that you love winter hats is pointless. Despite how itchy and sweaty they make you, you will continue wearing them because you were too cold to shower and wash your hair...again.

5. Shaving less frequently as the temperate goes down

The extra layer of fuzz helps keep you warm. Shaving would only deprive you of another layer so the leg sweaters continue to grow.

6. Smearing Vaseline on your nose and hoping nobody noticed

When vaseline is scarce, chapstick it is. Your nose has become just as dry and chapped as the rest of you, only it hurts everytime you sniffle, blow your nose or even breathe. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You forgot to restock your pockets will kleenex so the $60 sweater you got as a gift from Auntie Becky will have to do.

7. Rubbing your runny nose on any inch of clothing you can manage and not caring

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You forgot to restock your pockets will kleenex so the $60 sweater you got as a gift from Auntie Becky will have to do.

8. Wearing the same tights and sweaters for days

It is cold and they keep you warm so you refuse to take them off despite how many days it's been since you washed them. Drenching yourself in perfume will mask the smell, right?

9. Wearing multiple socks which results in swampy, sweaty feet

If it was possible for a civilian to get trench foot, this would be how it happens. At least your toes are warm though, right?

10. Whipping tissues out of your purse and pockets to blow your nose extremely loud in public

You'd think people would be disgusted by this in public but instead, they all understand your pain and someone will probably ask you for a tissue to join in on this disgusting act. If you can't fight 'em, might as well join 'em.

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