10 Fun Summer But Cheap Activities To Do With Kids

It's summer! This means no school and that kids are home 24/7. For some, vacations are impossible. Even if you are able to go on vacation, it only lasts for a week. Doing fun stuff all summer can get expensive, therefore, it is good to find some cheap activities to fill the summer days.

Just because the activities may be cheap, doesn't mean they can't be fun! Summer is about making lasting memories with people you care about. If you can't wait to make memories, without busting the budget, take a look at these ten ideas!

Water gun fight

Kick off the summer right!


Sometimes the heat can be unbearable. Bowling is a fun air conditioned activity.

Buy a kiddie pool

It may be small, but they will still try to dive.

Go biking

Go to the park

What kid doesn't like to show off how good they are at doing the monkey bars?

Get a dollar ice cream at McDonald's


A scavenger hunt. Maybe for buried treasure?

A scavenger hunt gets kids excited and willing to work together. It is a good way to get some bonding time in!

Plant a garden

We love to garden in my family. We grow tomatoes, squash, zucchini, blueberries, and much more. Summer time is perfect for planting, watering, and picking ripe veggies.

Find and paint cool rocks!

Paint may be messy, but the memories are worth it.

Sidewalk chalk. They can draw pictures or use it for making games!

My siblings and I love to play with chalk. We can make beautiful art. Or we can make hand prints and outline our bodies. We also can play hop scotch!

Have fun!

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