10 Experiences We've All Had With Uber

10 Experiences We've All Had With Uber

You know you've been through it...

1. The Squeeze

So, two is a couple and three is a crowd. Odds are you’re single (maybe I’m projecting), so you’re at least in a group of three trying to go somewhere. Trying to squeeze 3 of you into the 2 person pool is AMBITIOUS, but trust, it can be done. You just have to hope the Uber is chill.

2. Time Is Money

Sacrificing an hour of your time to spend $3 on a pool instead of $5 on an UberX.

Shoutout to the fellow cheaps.

3. The Wait

So you’re the DUC (Designated Uber Caller), and your friend is LATE. Those couple of minutes waiting for your friend that said they’d be there in 2 seconds while the Uber grills you about why your friend isn’t there yet is what we call...loyalty.

4. The Artist

The uber that shows you their music. It’s good when it’s actually good.

This was my uber once.

5. The Swerve

Everything is FINE. The uber is swerving, and showcasing other signs of not being the best driver, and so you sit there..you sit there and think “Did I live my whole life just to die with a stranger in a Honda Civic?”

6. Problems

The new uber driver who only joined so they could complain about their problems to riders. Check this tweet for one I encountered:

7. The Wise One

The uber driver that fundamentally changes your life due to their completely unbiased opinion in regard to you having spilled your entire soul to them.

Thank you, Constantine. May we all find our Constantine.

8. Upchucked

Throwing up in the uber. You or your friend has… don't lie. It can't just be me...

9. The Wrong Car

Getting in a strangers car with complete confidence only to find out they don’t even drive for uber. AWKWARD.

10. The GPS

We’ve all been going to a new place in an Uber, and we’ve all been asked: “is this it?”.

Those are horrifying words..because, it is more than probable that I don’t have any idea if “that’s it.”

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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4 Things I Enjoyed As A Kid That I Still Enjoy Today

I am definitely still a kid at my heart and deep in my soul.


I become more and more like my younger self around the holidays and winter season. I think it's because of the cozy weather and the memories from school. It also helps that I moved back to my hometown and that my friends have started arriving, back for their month-long vacations.

What really brought me to writing this was the recent purchasing of dinosaur nuggets -- something that made my heart soar after years. Sure, I ate chicken nuggets when I was growing up, but I hadn't really been recent. So when I went to my friendly neighborhood Safeway to get my normal Adult™ groceries I made the radical decision to get these, too.

1. Dino Chicken Nuggets


Like I already said, dino chicken nuggets (in particular) were my favorite kind of chicken nugget. I loved the shapes (obviously) and they actually taste better than regularly shaped nuggets. It's kind of like how curly fries just taste better than any other kind of fry. It's a fact.

2. Online Flash Games


I had quite the number of open tabs when it came to online flash games. When I think of those games, my mind first darts to Barbie.com, Disney Channel online, and definitely Cartoon Network online games. I had my favorite games that I would play almost every single day, or at least when I had finished my homework.

Mostly for the nostalgic feels, I still go back to these games when I'm bored and want something to do. The most random, but the favorite game that I loved? The climbing and swinging levels-based game on Cartoon Network online about the show "My Gym Partner's a Monkey!"

3. Coloring Books


Coloring books with pencils, markers, and crayons are still extremely relaxing and satisfying. I am so glad that they came back in style as gifts, especially the themed ones. One of the most recent best presents that I have relieved was a birthday gift from my roommate. She gave me a Harry Potter-themed coloring book and I am so thankful for it. I used to be terrified of coloring outside of the lines when I didn't have the skill to do otherwise. So, I can actually say that I enjoy these more now that I am an adult with both the skill to color and the relaxation to not care as much if I mess up.

4. Reading in my special spot


My girl Elliot (above) has the right idea about cuddling in with a good hot drink and quality book. I already read a crazy amount on a major basis. However, the best way to read is the way I used to do it when I was a kid. In reality, I actually had the time to read the way I did when I was younger, but I still love to.

I would grab my book and some hot water or juice, and sit on my bed with the window facing the mountains. I didn't even recognize the absence of anything related to Tumblr because I already got it in my own room.

What do you still love from your childhood that you have kept doing even while getting older?

Frankly, I am just waiting for winter break to get started, but I still wish all of you good luck right before your exams! You're so close to the finish line! Happy holidays and I hope you have a relaxing vacation.

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