The Bachelor/Bachelorette is always filled with many awkward moments, but this season definitely takes the cake. The amount of secondhand embarrassment I have experienced while watching this season is unreal. Here are 10 cringe-worthy moments that had everyone's jaws dropping nationwide:

1. When Jenny doesn't receive a rose so Arie walks her out and she says she isn't sad she is leaving him, but she's just sad she's leaving her friends...

Good choice, Arie. You dodged a bullet.

2. When Arie finds out Bekah M. is only 22.

Age is but a number... but just so you know you were entering high school when she was an infant.

3. Annaliese somehow having a childhood phobia that relates to every group date she's been on.

I can kind of understand the bumper car phobia, but puppies??? How is anyone scared of puppies?!

4. And then when Annaliese asks to kiss him and he says no.

Girl... you gotta take a hint... and Arie. She's hot, save Annaliese (and everyone watching) the embarrassment, and give the poor girl a kiss.

5. When Krystal was 99% sure she wasn't going home then got sent home.

I think that gif says it all. Bye bye, Krystal!

6. Arie licking the bowling ball... ew

Do you know how many people have touched that ball? And he probably kissed like five different girls after this... gross!

7. Jacqueline almost drinking her own pee in the name of love.

There's a lot of things I'd do for love, but this is not one of them. Props to you, Jenna!

8. When the wrestler lady insulted Bibiana's mom because her name is spelled weird.

Way to hold yourself together, Bibiana. You are better than the rest of us.

9. Marikh and Lauren B's super sensual wrestling routine.

This was just weird... and that's all I have to say about it.

10. When Arie was on his one-on-one date with Lauren S. and he picked up the rose just to send her home.

That poor girl. She couldn't stop nervous talking and I couldn't look away. When he picked up the rose I was in shock she wasn't going to be sent home, but then he literally sent her home! Who does that?!

This season has been interesting, to say the least, but if Arie can find love after all of these awkward encounters, then you can, too. Don't forget to watch The Bachelor every Monday night at 7 pm for more cringe-worthy moments like these.