10 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents

10 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents

to make the Holidays just that much more special

So you've bought your gift. And it's a great gift, really. It's the best gift. But you want to give your gift a little something extra here are some creative ways to wrap your gift.

1. Crafting Glue

Paint Elmer's glue, or any kind of crafting glue onto a part of your wrapped present and dip it in confetti. Maybe fill in any non-confetti gaps and let it sit for a bit.

2. Wrapping a gift in another gift.

If you're giving someone a scarf or a thin nick kerchief or bandana. Get them something else, something small. Maybe some makeup or a gift card and wrap the smaller gift in the scarf. It'll be a cute way to give someone a gift.

3. Maps.

For this, you can find one at a thrift shop or even use the one that might be in your glove compartment.

4. Newspapers

You can do the same with newspapers.

5. Brown Paper Bags

You could always get plain brown paper gift bags, with or without handles that's all up to you, and decorate them with stamps or draw on them yourself. You can even personalize it too! You could even write on it who it's to and who it's from and you won't even need to add a tag!

6. Patterned Paper.

You can find some patterned paper, it could be craft paper or wrapping paper, sheet music or you could use maps again, and cut out the letters of the name of the person you're planning on giving it to. If you wrapped the present with simple brown paper this could really pop and be a creative alternative to a tag.

7. Sweater.

If you have an old sweater you're ready to part with or you have some cute fabric laying around. This could be sooooo cute. Unfortunately, I have more sweaters than John Watson (if you get that reference you're a good person) and I love them all too much to part with any of them.

8. Make your own paper!

You could draw on your own wrapping paper. This is a really cute idea and a great idea for any last minute wrappers out there. No judging..... promise.

9. Flowers.

Whether you use inexpensive Christmas garland as the ribbon or poke a little flower or piece of holly or pine tree through a bow, adding something floral could be a really cute touch.

10. Use an old shirt!

Or maybe that's part of their gift! You can find the YouTube tutorial here.

These are all good ideas but it is important to remember that it's the thought that counts. So don't worry about the wrapping too much.

Happy Holidays!

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15 Things Only Lake People Will Understand

There's no other place you'd rather be in the summer.

The people that spend their summers at the lake are a unique group of people. Whether you grew up going to the lake, have only recently started going, or have only been once or twice, you know it takes a certain kind of person to be a lake person. To the long-time lake people, the lake holds a special place in your heart, no matter how dirty the water may look. Every year when summer rolls back around, you can't wait to fire up the boat and get back out there. Here is a list of things you can probably identify with as a fellow lake-goer.

1. A bad day at the lake is still better than a good day not at the lake.

It's your place of escape, where you can leave everything else behind and just enjoy the beautiful summer day. No matter what kind of week you had, being able to come and relax without having to worry about anything else is the best therapy there is. After all, there's nothing better than a day of hanging out in the hot sun, telling old funny stories and listening to your favorite music.

2. You know the best beaches and coves to go to.

Whether you want to just hang out and float or go walk around on a beach, you know the best spots. These often have to be based on the people you're with, given that some "party coves" can get a little too crazy for little kids on board. I still have vivid memories from when I was six that scared me when I saw the things drunk girls would do for beads.

3. You have no patience for the guy who can’t back his trailer into the water right.

When there's a long line of trucks waiting to dump their boats in the water, there's always that one clueless guy who can't get it right, and takes 5 attempts and holds up the line. No one likes that guy. One time my dad got so fed up with a guy who was taking too long that he actually got out of the car and asked this guy if he could just do it for him. So he got into the guy's car, threw it in reverse, and got it backed in on the first try. True story.

4. Doing the friendly wave to every boat you pass.

Similar to the "jeep wave," almost everyone waves to other boats passing by. It's just what you do, and is seen as a normal thing by everyone.

5. The cooler is always packed, mostly with beer.

Alcohol seems to be a big part of the lake experience, but other drinks are squeezed into the room remaining in the cooler for the kids, not to mention the wide assortment of chips and other foods in the snack bag.

6. Giving the idiot who goes 30 in a "No Wake

Zone" a piece of your mind.

There's nothing worse than floating in the water, all settled in and minding your business, when some idiot barrels through. Now your anchor is loose, and you're left jostled by the waves when it was nice and perfectly still before. This annoyance is typically answered by someone yelling some choice words to them that are probably accompanied by a middle finger in the air.

7. You have no problem with peeing in the water.

It's the lake, and some social expectations are a little different here, if not lowered quite a bit. When you have to go, you just go, and it's no big deal to anyone because they do it too.

8. You know the frustration of getting your anchor stuck.

The number of anchors you go through as a boat owner is likely a number that can be counted on two hands. Every once in a while, it gets stuck on something on the bottom of the lake, and the only way to fix the problem is to cut the rope, and you have to replace it.

9. Watching in awe at the bigger, better boats that pass by.

If you're the typical lake-goer, you likely might have an average sized boat that you're perfectly happy with. However, that doesn't mean you don't stop and stare at the fast boats that loudly speed by, or at the obnoxiously huge yachts that pass.

10. Knowing any swimsuit that you own with white in it is best left for the pool or the ocean.

You've learned this the hard way, coming back from a day in the water and seeing the flowers on your bathing suit that were once white, are now a nice brownish hue.

11. The momentary fear for your life as you get launched from the tube.

If the driver knows how to give you a good ride, or just wants to specifically throw you off, you know you're done when you're speeding up and heading straight for a big wave. Suddenly you're airborne, knowing you're about to completely wipe out, and you eat pure wake. Then you get back on and do it all again.

12. You're able to go to the restaurants by the water wearing minimal clothing.

One of the many nice things about the life at the lake is that everybody cares about everything a little less. Rolling up to the place wearing only your swimsuit, a cover-up and flip flops, you fit right in. After a long day when you're sunburned, a little buzzed, and hungry, you're served without any hesitation.

13. Having unexpected problems with your boat.

Every once in a while you're hit with technical difficulties, no matter what type of watercraft you have. This is one of the most annoying setbacks when you're looking forward to just having a carefree day on the water, but it's bound to happen. This is just one of the joys that come along with being a boat owner.

14. Having a name for your boat unique to you and your life.

One of the many interesting things that make up the lake culture is the fact that many people name their boats. They can range from basic to funny, but they are unique to each and every owner, and often have interesting and clever meanings behind them.

15. There's no better place you'd rather be in the summer.

Summer is your all-time favorite season, mostly because it's spent at the lake. Whether you're floating in the cool water under the sun, or taking a boat ride as the sun sets, you don't have a care in the world at that moment. The people that don't understand have probably never experienced it, but it's what keeps you coming back every year.

Cover Image Credit: Haley Harvey

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6 Fun Things To Do Alone Over the Summer

No need to have a better half to partake in these activities.


I have been single for over 10 years. I also have a habit of pushing all but my closest friends away. What this means is that I am very good at finding things to do alone. I want to share with you things that I have found to be especially enjoyable.

Summer can be a trying time for many people. We are pressured to do more things than normal even once we are done with school because of years of conditioning. This becomes even more extreme in the dating world where couples use the summer months to show off devotion. For those of us in the forever alone crowd, this can be problematic.

But not all hope is lost. There are many fun things to do that require only yourself. Many of these can be done at any time of the year, but summer is a point in time where loneliness can creep up if we are not careful about how we spend our time.

1. Write.

Lonely Planet

Writing is one of my favorite ways to spend time alone. This one can be done almost anywhere thanks to either the internet or pen and paper. Do you like the beach? How about a local coffee shop? A pleasant park can be just the place to get ideas too. This writing does not have to be any good either. It can be very liberating to write for oneself and not worry about being judged. Remember this entire article is about activities to do with yourself. Others need not apply.

2. Workout outside.

Do outdoor workouts. This one combines the outdoors with being healthy. It's quite an amazing combination I must say. People become frightened of the word workout, though. This brings in other ideas such as commitment which can be harmful to those who are alone. Don't think like that! Workouts can be sporadic events as well. And since no one is judging you except yourself, you only have to worry about your own feelings on this matter. If you feel bad about not doing more exercise than this might be just the motivation you need to start a healthier lifestyle.

3. Play video games.

Nikita Kachanovsky

Play a longer and story-driven video game. This one might seem like the polar opposite of working out. Depending on who you ask, it might very well be, but that is not what I want to bring up. Video games can be a powerful storytelling medium. And like any book, movie, or TV show, they can become incredibly engrossing. Currently, I am playing Persona 5. This game promises to have more than 100 hours of game time. That is plenty of gameplay for me to experience. Best of all, I need no one else to truly enjoy this game.

4. Read a book.

Speaking of good stories, few things can beat a good book. Like the writing example above, the sky is the limit when it involves good reading spots. Parks, beaches, city benches, right at home - there are so many different variations of things one can do with finding the perfect reading spot. I imagine there will never be a time where reading a book will become an outdated ordeal.

5. Binge watch a series.

Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦

Like video games and books, some TV series will have you glued to your TV for hours - forgetting that you are even alone. Check out some streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. There are a plethora of great shows to keep you busy all summer.

6. Go on a joyride.

Last but not least in this list, I want to talk about the thrill of going on a joyride. I mean driving of course! Florida might be a dangerous place to drive and you would be hard pressed to ask a person in this state that doesn't feel that they are risking their lives every time they enter a car. That still does not take away from the power of exploration. Cars let us reach destinations far quicker than on foot. I once was at a seminar where the speakers mentioned they would intentionally get lost while driving aimlessly just so they could discover new places.

All in all, I recommend that those who want to do some soul searching this summer look into making themselves happy. Sometimes the seemingly little things are actually a lot.

Cover Image Credit:

Andrew Le

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