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10 College Necessities

If you just graduated high school, then you only have one thing on your mind… Moving away to college. As you are about to embark on this new chapter of your life you could easily forget some very important items that you use on a daily basis, but you never had to go out and get because they were just somehow magically there. Whether you plan to live the 'dorm life' or get an apartment with your friends you will want to stop by a Target or T.J. Maxx to get these items.

1. Broom/ Vacuum

You never realize the importance of a clean room until you are stuck in a 4x4 box with a stranger. Unfortunately, I forgot one so every time I had a spill it got kicked under something-oops.

2. Clorox Wipes

These are life savers whenever you spill a little of your Ramen packet on the counter or just when things are looking a bit dusty.

3. Trash Can

Don't just get one of those cute small ones unless you plan on taking the trash out every day, get a bigger one and stick it under your bed.

4. Bedding

If you're like me and have a queen size bed at home, you'll want to get some new twin size sheets. And if you move a lot in your sleep, I would recommend not lofting your bed too high because yes, it is very easy to fall off a (let me repeat it) TWIN size bed.

5. Shower Shoes

There is no telling what has seen the light of the shower floors.

6. Plastic Containers

If you stash some in your backpack before lunch, you can stock up on those cookies you love from the cafeteria.

7. Command Hooks

They are essential when it comes to hanging décor on a boring cement wall.

8. Laundry Detergent

I recommend tide pods, so you don't have to take a whole tub of liquid detergent.

9. Pepper Spray

Carry this with you at all times. Walking campus at night can be a little intimidating but having pepper spray would always ease my mind.

10. And last but most importantly a Keurig

Coffee is the answer to everything for the rest of your life. Tired? Coffee. Can't focus? Coffee. Your shower broken? Coffee.

Also, I would suggest getting microwavable/disposable everything; cups, bowls, plates and utensils. This makes for easy cleanup and you won't have to worry about any week-old dishes.

These items will not only help you survive your freshman year, they will help you thrive.

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