10 Gems From Childhood You'll Remember Like It's The 90s Again

My childhood was just like any other normal young girl, going up to my room after school to play with Barbies or watching Disney movies. I still watch Disney movies today, but, like Barbies, there are some classic staples of my life that I don’t really see anymore, but I always, always remember. As Julie Andrews would say, “these are a few of my favorite things” (from my childhood).

1. Barbies

I didn’t have any big items like a Dreamhouse, but I did enjoy playing with them from time to time. Ironic how after playing with the sterotypically, cliched girliest toy, I grew up on the opposite side.

2. Chutes and Ladders

The chutes ALWAYS got to me!

3. The Berenstain Bears

Berenstein or Berenstain? Don’t know, but it doesn’t matter to me. I loved those books. I got my hand on almost every one of them in the set. And even if I didn’t, whenever I’d go to the bookstore, I’d sit in the kids section for hours and read them.

4. Junie B. Jones

This chick was crazy. The sassiest kindergartener (eventual first grader) there ever was. Some of her situations were outrageous, and like all little kids, she did need to be put in her place, but at the same time, her adventures humored me.

5. Rugrats

It wasn’t just a Nicktoon, it was THE Nicktoon (the others were cool too, I guess...) Spoiler: Even though it’s finished and off the air, I still indulge in this from time to time. Sue me.

6. Jigsaw Jones Mysteries

Did anyone ever remember reading these? The series of a little second grade boy who was also a detective and liked solving mysteries. It’s like the male Nancy Drew.

7. The Babysitters’ Club

These books were my life. I never got to read all of them (there were like 186, including their expansions on super specials and mysteries, there’s no way any kid could read all of that in one childhood). But I loved and took every chance I got to pick up one and read. They had another expansion, “Babysitters Little Sister” which was just as great and adorable as its parent series.

8. Humongous Entertainment

I feel like I’m the only kid in my generation that has played these games. This company brought colorful and original characters like “Putt-Putt”, “Freddi Fish”, “Spy Fox”, and “Pajama Sam” to life and it was always hard to get me away from my computer screen. And, of course, the Backyard Sports series, where kids ran around to play soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. I, for one, loved “Pajama Sam” the best. He was the adorable little kid hero that battled through our childhood fears, darkness and thunderstorms.

9. Living Books

Some of your favorite children’s stories turned into interactive computer games. Includes favorites like “Arthur” and “The Berenstain Bears” and introduces “Ruff’s Bone” and “Little Monster at School”.

10. Old Mac Games

I can’t even name all of the games I played on the old Mac operating system that needed specific software and specific Mac. Living Books, and I believe Humongous Entertainment were a few of them. Now that all the new, higher-tech, advanced Macs got introduced, the old software has sort of been discontinued and there’s no real way to play any of those games. What’s more sad is that it’s been so long, I can only remember a few of them.

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