You're never too old to dress up for Halloween... but some costumes are getting old. How many times can someone go as Harley Quinn, "Risky Business," or a Ninja Turtle before it's overdone? Dress up as one of those costumes and you're sure to have that awkward 'is the person next to me really in the same outfit as me' moments at least once.

Check out this list of movie and TV character costumes that aren't overdone but are sure to be recognized:

1. Steve Urkel

2. Jessie the Cowgirl

3. Buzz Lightyear

4. Bud Lightyear

5. Paulie Bleeker/Juno

6. Daenerys

7. The Cheetah Girls

8. "Rugrats" Character

9. Teletubbies

10. The Sanderson Sisters