One can never know when an emergency may happen. There are countless stories of people being stranded in their cars for days at a time in all sorts of weather conditions. Here are 10 things you need in your car in case of an emergency.

1. First Aid kit

This one is kind of obvious, but you need a real one, not just one with a few Band-Aids in it. My parents have what I call a “heavy duty” kit, with all different wraps, creams, tapes, scissors and ice packs. Mine is a little more compact, but still has burn cream, gauze, tape, and ice packs.

2. Change of clothes

I keep a change of long pants, a hoodie, extra underwear, and extra socks in my car in a plastic bag. This can be useful not just for emergencies, but for everyday “graceful” moments, like that time last week I spilled iced coffee all over my shirt before meeting up with friends.

3. Water

My parents always keep a case of water in their car. This is extremely necessary. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot outside or not because people can still get dehydrated. Dehydration can make a situation turn from bad to worse. It’s recommended that you keep a three-day supply of water.

4. Blanket

Personally, I keep a Snuggie in my car. My parents keep emergency thermal blankets in their car. Especially in cold weather, this simple item can protect you from hypothermia.

5. Flashlight

I keep two different flashlights in my car. One is just a normal flashlight, but the other has different colors and settings. I really like having the second one because if I ever get stuck, I know I can put on that flashlight to a red strobe to get someone’s attention.

6. A WRITTEN list of phone numbers

Worst case scenario: you’re stuck in an emergency and your phone is dead. Luckily, someone comes to help, but you don’t know anyone’s number to call to let them know you’re okay. Some people, like myself, have their parents’ cell phone numbers memorized. However, if you are one of those people who can’t even remember what they ate for breakfast, I highly suggest a list of names and numbers to call in case something happens.

7. Jumper cables

AGAIN. You’re stuck. Your car won’t start or has stopped working. Someone comes to your rescue, but you don’t have a way for them to help you. I don’t care how old your car is. You need to have jumper cables because you just never know when something may happen.

8. Car charger

Emergency or not, no one ever wants to be stuck anywhere with a dead phone. I always keep a car charger for my phone inside of my car.

9. Non-perishable food

Hey, I get hangry. In an emergency, everyone will be a lot safer in my car if I have something in my stomach.

10. Plastic bags

I like to keep what my family calls a “bag of bags.” We take normal grocery bags, and put a couple inside of one bag. You never know what kind of mess you can run into, just generally, in your car.

All of these are super easy steps to take towards being prepared for an emergency. You never know when or where one might happen. Be ready.