There are a ton of cameos in movies today, but here are some of my favorite cameos (aka the ones you all missed).

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is actually in the movie "Thor: Ragnarok". He portrays "Loki" in the play that the REAL Loki has made them act out. Confusing, I know, but what an awesome cameo.

Sam Neill

The star of "Jurassic Park" has come out of the woodwork to make a cameo appearance in... "Thor: Ragnarok". Oh yes, you missed not only one, but TWO cameo appearances in this action-packed movie. Can you guess who Neill played? I'll give you a hint: he's in the same scene as Matt Damon.

Luke Hemsworth

The brother of Chris Hemsworth makes a stunning appearance in, you guessed it, "Thor: Ragnarok". Can you believe it? You missed THREE cameo appearances, all within the same scene.

Kim Kardashian

Starring in the new "Ocean's 8" movie, Kardashian was clearly missed by all viewers. Perhaps look at the Met Gala scene once more to find all the cameos you missed.

Michael Jackson

Believe it or not, the King of Pop actually makes an appearance in "Men in Black 2". Talk about awesome.

Glenn Close

Hiding herself in plain sight as a male pirate, Close makes an astounding appearance in Spielberg's "Hook".

Johnny Depp

In the film adaptation "21 Jump Street", Depp makes an appearance. You probably didn't catch this, what without his beard and pirate hat.

John Travolta

Johnny boy here stars in "Austin Powers: Gold Member", and he's certainly not the only one...

Stan Lee

He's literally made an appearance in all the Marvel movies. All of them. What a man.