Procrastinating? Bored? Want to find yourself? If any of these apply to you, this article is for you!

1. What State Do You Actually Belong In?

Ever wonder what state would be the perfect place for you? Wonder no longer! This quiz will answer all your questions.

2. What Kind Of Cookie Are You?

Always good to know.

3. What Type Of Emoji Are You?

*Heart Eyes* or *Crying Face*?

4. What Grade Are You Getting In Life?

Hopefully it's better than your GPA.

5. Which Cereal Are You?

Snap, crackle, pop.

6. Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You?


7. What Would Be Your Fate In The Hunger Games?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

8. Which Disney Princess Are You?

You're beautiful, that's for sure.

9. How Obsessed With Food Are You?

Food is my everything.

10. Are You Actually A Hipster?

That's, like, so mainstream.