10 Broadway Musicals You Have To See
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10 Broadway Musicals You Have To See

Everyone has time for musicals.

10 Broadway Musicals You Have To See
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Broadway had its start in the mid 1700s with performances of several Shakespearean plays on the edge of Nassau Street. Now it is a world-renowned industry that makes millions of dollars a year. The beauty of Broadway lies in its musicals. There are many musicals that are known around the world as Broadway hits. This list focuses on 10 of the musicals that reached the coveted spot of a must-see.

10. The Little Mermaid

After the success of the movie with the same name, Disney brought the beloved hit to a Broadway stage. It tells the story of Ariel who wished to walk on land and meet her prince. She is cursed by Ursula, a wicked sea witch, who steals her voice in exchange for a few days of having legs. This musical is a must-see for musical and Disney enthusiasts alike.

9. Godspell

"Godspell" is an exciting take on many of the stories of "The Bible." Its songs are catchy and entertaining. Although the story line is a bit choppy, it is worth the wait to see the spectacular ending. Either way, this show will have you singing "Day by Day" for years to come.

8. The Lion King

"The Lion King" is a Disney cult classic that has been a fan favorite since it came out in 1997. It follows the story of a young cub coming of age to take his rightful place on the throne. The young cub, Simba, meets many tragic events along the way. The wonder of this specific musical is how riveting it is while keeping all of its humor kid-friendly.

7. Rock Of Ages

Unlike the previously mentioned, this musical is not recommended for children's ears. The concept behind "Rock of Ages" is to use classic rock songs to showcase the different parts of the rock n' roll lifestyle. With such classics as "Sister Christian" and "Juke Box Hero," it is no wonder why fans cannot get enough of this show.

6. Chicago

"Chicago" has been popular in the Broadway world since 1975. The story is timeless and focuses on the corruption of the police force in 1920's Chicago. The rhythmic songs are comparable only to the brilliant choreography. The true moment of the show is in the song "Cell Block Tango" with choreography so clever and expertly timed that even a long-time fan cannot take their eyes away.

5. Wicked

"Wicked" is a newer addition to the Broadway scene. However, it quickly became a cult favorite. It is a brilliant spin-off of the popular book and movie duo "The Wizard of Oz." The difference is that it focuses on the Wicked Witch rather than Dorothy. Its popularity is well-earned and absolutely worth the watch.

4. West Side Story

Does this musical even need a description? "West Side Story" is a twist on Shakespeare's classic "Romeo and Juliet." It takes place in 1950's New York City where a rivalry between Caucasians and Puerto Ricans broke out in the form of two different gangs. True love blossoms between members of the two separate gangs. Drama and violence ensue.

3. The Book Of Mormon

This is another musical that would be best left to mature audiences. This follows two new Jehovah's Witnesses as they travel to a third-world country to spread the Gospel. The lead witness has his faith tested and must overcome many barriers to realize that he must do what he came to do.

2. Les Miserables

Many watched the movie version of this brilliant musical, but the musical itself is worth the watch whether you know the story or not. This show follows the storyline of Jean Valjean as he travels from being a prisoner to a father. It is a beautiful story that follows the timeline of the French Revolution and will leave you in tears.

1. The Phantom Of The Opera

This is a gorgeous musical. The musical part of that sentence is important. Do not mistake it for the movie with Gerard Butler. The true masterpiece lies in the 75th Anniversary special. From the costume changes to the gorgeous singing to the expert chemistry onstage, this show will leave you with a longing for "The Music of the Night."

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