Life is hard; being a student just makes it even harder. But take heart Boilermakers, because the struggles you will encounter here at Purdue are short-lived in the grand scheme of your life.

Besides, your fellow classmates are struggling along right beside you - and Kermit the Frog is here to remind you just how small these problems really are.

1. When you've been reading too much and the words stop making sense.

2. When Thirsty Thursday gets ya.

3. When you slip on the ice .25 seconds after stepping outside.

4. When you invest a lot of time in chalk advertisements because your club's attendance rate has been low lately.

5. When you go to PUSH because your stomach burst and your back is broken and your eyes are bleeding but they tell you to just take an Advil.

6. When all you eat is junk but you can't figure out why you feel so nauseous.

7. When you have a question but get ignored because you sit in the back and your prof. can't see you.

8. When you call your parents 'cause you're a little homesick

9. When you see someone being way too rachet at a frat party and decide it's best to chill at home instead.

10. When it's the weekend and you finally, FINALLY get the rest you've been needin'