10 Best YouTube Channels for that Special Halloween Look

10 Best YouTube Channels for that Special Halloween Look

Don’t know what to be for Halloween? These YouTubers have you covered.

It's finally the time of year where it is expectable to transform into anything you desire; Halloween. Becoming a scary zombie or a half glam skull takes a little bit of talent but these next 10 You-tubers have perfected how to transform the average human into something unworldly.

1. Jordan Hanz

She has been doing Hanzoween on her channel; this year that means a new Halloween look every other day for the month of October. She is serving the terrifying, gory, and amazing looks for a whole month!

2. Bonnie Corban SFX

3. Ellimacs SFX makeup

Special effects are all this YouTube channel does! Any creepy spooky look they’ve got it.

4. Angela Lanter

5. Nikki Tutorials

She does a week of intricate Halloween looks that any girl would kill to serve at a Halloween party.

6. Madeyewolook

7. Pinkstylist

With 2 million+ subscribers He is known for his SFX makeup and the perfect Halloween looks all year long!

8. Freakmo

9. RawBeautyKristi

10. Glam & Gore

It doesn’t even have to be Halloween for this YouTuber to create some of the best special effects videos out there!

Cover Image Credit: https://instagram.com/p/BL7QgbaBuAj/

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6 Reasons Why College Girls Dress To Impress For The Spring Semester

Because it's necessary to find your own style if you fall over your long maxi skirt.

As soon as I start to search for cute outfits to wear for the warm and toasty spring weather and semester, my search almost ends. I'm sure you might think the same way. If your friends have noticed your difficulty in choosing items, then this is the correct article for you.

Here are six reasons why you should look forward to dressing up for certain occasions even if you find it hard to choose outfits. And yes, I personally have a messy room to even begin with in the first place.

1. Lazy day outfits

This is the number one idea you should stick with when choosing the right kind of outfit for college. Whether you are too tired to walk that day or unable to feel comfortable in your shoes, wearing leggings and sweats can be a great way to cool off.

2. Insecurities

I'm sure everyone feels the need to check back in the mirror to see how they are doing. That being said, if an outfit makes you look good, then by all means, wear it during the warm weather season.

3. Climate change

And there is a time in your life when your allergies kick in and start to be a pain. Don't worry, a nice t-shirt and plain pants are just enough to start the day. Sorry to burst your bubble, but allergies might not be the only thing on your mind. We girls can also be moody, but I'd suggest that you distract yourself.

4. Special occasions

A little black dress does no harm when it's warm outside. You are so lucky if your LBD looks good even when you personally don't. Lucky girl; you won't have to wear a sexy dress ever again.

5. Just being a girl

It's very rare to find a few beauty products in your backpack or dorm. Be surprised for a little treat heading down your way. Chances are that there are more goods in your purse than just a tiny lip balm. You are extremely smart to have a comb and eyeliner on the go!

6. Something that my roommate kept on her desk but never uses until I barge into her room to secretly disguise myself as a spy

I always find that secretly borrowing her choker or beauty item makes me feel a bit guilty and mysterious. And no, I am not jelly of her.

If you can relate back to me, I'm sure you can relate to the stresses of being a girl. Thanks for reading!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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I Made My Own Pickles And You Can Too

A step by step guide to making your own pickles.

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest pickle fan. I'm the girl that always adds "with no pickles" to the end of my sandwich orders. However, my fiance developed a fierce hankering for pickles earlier this week, and we decided to make our own instead of hitting up the grocery store. This article goes over what we did to make them.

What you'll need:

  • 32 ounces of chlorine free water
  • Two quart-sized mason jars
  • Two to four Cucumbers
  • One package of Dill
  • One head of garlic
  • One packet of black tea
  • Canning & Pickling Salt
  • One quart size plastic bag
  • One funnel
  • One medium sized mixing bowl

What to do:

Start by making up a brine solution for your pickles in a mixing bowl. Most brine recipes will advise you to make your brine almost entirely out of vinegar. However, in the research I did prior to starting this project, I discovered that the best pickles are those that are made without the addition of vinegar. Cucumbers take longer to pickle without vinegar, but they're supposed to taste much better.

Hoping that the lack of vinegar would change my opinion of pickles, I decided to make my brine without any. Instead, my solution had 32 ounces of water and 3 tablespoons of pickling salt.

After I made my brine, I washed and chopped up my cucumbers. I decided to experiment a little with shape, so I cut some of my cucumbers into long slices and others into smaller cubes and slices.

Next, I washed out my mason jar and placed the seasoning ingredients in it. I used four cloves of garlic, two heads of dill, and the contents of an English breakfast tea bag. Then I added in my cucumbers.

With all of my contents in the jar, I added in the brine. Though I initially tried to pour my brine directly from its bowl into the jar, I learned quickly that using a funnel is extremely helpful at this stage. You may end up with more brine than you can fit in your mason jar— I used mine in a second batch that I made later on.

Once the jar was full of liquid, I put a little bit of water in a plastic bag and laid the bag on the surface of the brine. This is to weigh the cucumbers down and ensure that they stay fully submerged for the duration of the pickling process. Be sure to do this over the sink in case of spillage.

The last step is to seal the jar and wait. As you wait for your pickles to be done, make sure to periodically open the jar to “burp” the contents and allow gasses to escape. It can take two weeks to two months for the pickles to be ready, so as of right now, I'm not sure how these turned out.

Check back soon for a follow-up post when this batch of pickles is ready.

Cover Image Credit: Natalie Rhea

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