The Best Christmas Lights Displays In Ohio
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10 Christmas Light Displays In Ohio That'll Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy When It's 20 Degrees Outside

Put these on your holiday to-do list!

10 Christmas Light Displays In Ohio That'll Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy When It's 20 Degrees Outside

With the semester finally ending and Christmas approaching, a lot of college students are looking for things to do that will get them in the holiday spirit!

There are so many things to do over the holidays, making it hard to choose just one activity! But if you're like me, the best thing to do before Christmas is to look for the best Christmas light displays in your area. And if you're going to be in Ohio for the holidays, there are TONS of places that offer amazing Christmas light displays you won't want to miss! Here are 10 of my favorites that happen annually.

1. Festival of Lights At The Cincinnati Zoo

Steven Saus / Flickr

If you're looking to see the best Christmas lights in Ohio, then you should definitely consider going to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo! They have one of the biggest light shows and you can also check out the animals at the zoo. They also have the best hot chocolate and if you're a fan of the hippo Fiona, you might be able to see her, too!

2. Pyramid Hill In Hamilton Ohio

Butler County Visitors Bureau / Flickr

The Pyramid Hill lights are also a huge display! In fact, if you've driven through downtown Hamilton, you can see them from miles away lit up on the hill! You can drive through this light display, so it's great for a cold day!

3. Clifton Mill Lights

Moofpocket / Wikimedia Commons

Clifton Mill is also a great place to go if you want to see amazing holiday lights! According to their website, there are over four million lights that illuminate the mill including a 100-foot waterfall of twinkling lights! There is also a Santa's workshop for any younger children that want a picture with Santa. It's definitely something that you need to consider adding to your to-do list for the holidays!

4. The Christmas Ranch (Morrow)

David C. Brewster / Flickr

Another amazing light show display to consider seeing is The Christmas Ranch. According to, there are over five acres with more than 350,000 lights that are all synchronized! It was also featured on Good Morning America and the lights can be seen through a drive-thru. It's a great place to go if you're looking for a good light display in Ohio!

5. Kings Island WinterFest

Ken / Flickr

Kings Island WinterFest is also worth checking out if you have a gold pass! The light display is both bright and colorful. What's also neat about their light display is that they have certain themes displayed with their light show! You can also ride a few rides when you're not looking at some of the lights since there are a few still open.

6. Woodland Lights

Sean O'Neill / Flickr

Another place that has a great light display is the Woodland lights display! They not only have a half-mile wooded trail of lights but there are also amusement parks such as a slide for kids, a small roller coaster, and there's a Ferris Wheel that you can ride that's lit up! There are also live animals such as deer!

7. Columbus Zoo Wildlights

marada / Flickr

Columbus zoo also has one of the most popular light displays around! They even have an ice skating rink that you can use during the holidays and a Santa for younger children! The lights display is also pretty impressive and it's worth checking out if you haven't already!

8. Light Up Middletown

think middletown / Flickr

Middletown is another great place to check out for Christmas lights display in Ohio. There are 100 acres of lights and there is a tunnel of light exhibit! There's even a Santa and Ms. Claus at Middletown! It's open until New Year's Eve so it's worth checking out sometime in December.

9. Stan Hywet Deck The Hall Winter Wonderland In Akron Ohio

Tom Bilcze / Flickr

One other place you should consider going to is Deck The Hall Winter Wonderland! It's located in Akron Ohio and according to, there are over 850,000 lights and there is a historic manor house that is decorated for the holidays! There's also something new every year added to the lights display!

10. Holiday Lights at Sharon Woods

Mavra Chang / Flickr

Finally, if you're looking for a great holiday lights display somewhere in the Cincinnati area, you should check out the holiday lights display at Sharon Woods! They have over a mile of holiday lights and according to, they are open whether it's rain or shine. They're also open starting on November 16 till December 31. It's worth checking out if you're in Cincinnati!

If you find yourself in town for the holidays, you should consider going to any one of these Christmas light displays! They are amazing to see and some of them offer multiple attractions.

As you can see, Ohio is one of the best places to go see Christmas light displays during the holidays! They are a lot of fun and they can easily be turned into a family tradition!

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