10 (Actually Practical) Christmas Gifts That Aren't Just Your Basic Mugs
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10 (Actually Practical) Christmas Gifts That Aren't Just Your Basic Mugs

It’s finally here - the most stressful time of the year!

10 (Actually Practical) Christmas Gifts That Aren't Just Your Basic Mugs

Listen... we love the holiday season as much as the next person, but you can’t deny that it’s not always a holly-jolly time.

From planning Christmas dinners to battling it out over end-of-season sales across Singapore - Christmas might just be the most hectic time of the year. Pile on the stress of your gift list - and you’re in for some frantic festivities. Finding time for gift shopping is difficult on its own, and when you’ve got to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, it’s almost impossible! So, you default to your safe picks. Generic quote mugs, run-of-the-mill vanilla candles, regifted chocolate boxes - and god forbid... notebooks. Snooze! Talk about boring.

There's nothing we hate more than receiving one of these unimaginative gifts. And we're sure neither you nor your recipient cares much for them.

So, this year we’re here to help you be a better St. Nick, with a list 10 of useful, thoughtful and truly unique gifts for everyone on your list! The best part? You can get your gift shopping done right from the comfort of your couch. All our top Christmas gift picks are available for delivery across the country. So, get shopping online, and in just a few clicks, you've earned yourself a stress-free Christmas!

  1. Flower Chimp: Celebration Essentials
    If you want to go abloom & beyond with your gift - Flower Chimp Singapore is your best pick! With an array of artisanally curated gift hampers, floral arrangements & more - they'll have you spoiled for choice. The brand’s latest collection includes a line-up of Christmas-exclusive bouquets, festive home decor such as mini Christmas trees decked in red roses, and even gift hampers filled with flowers, chocolates, adorable plushies and even champagne! It’s everything you need to get in the spirit of Christmas. Whether it’s for friends, family, or even colleagues - a box filled with celebrations and blooms to go along makes for the perfect present. Plus, with something for every price point - it's easy to find pocket-friendly picks for under $45. Looking for something more lavish? They've even got more high-end bouquets & gifts!

So, get the celebrations flourishing & shop Flower Chimp's Christmas 2022 collection.

2.Thirsty: Quirky Craft Bubbly
December gives you every reason to celebrate! It’s an entire month filled with cheer, festivities and togetherness... and what’s any good celebration without a little bubbly? For your dear beer & bevvy aficionados, Thirsty’s got a tonne of cool and quirky gifts to get bubbly with! Bringing you a range of speciality craft beers, wines, ciders and hard seltzers - Thirsty truly knows how to get the party started. Starting from only $65, you can pick up a collectable-worthy gift box filled with craft beers and wines. Or, you could mix it up and order singular cans and bottles to D.I.Y. the perfect set on a budget. Want something even bigger & better? You could get your holiday bubbly on, with Thirsty’s 2022 all-time bestselling Advent gift box filled with 24 delicious brews.

This holiday season, get Thirsty for a range of must-try fermented bevvies; from White Claws to chocolatey stout and even tropical wines - they’ve got it all!

3.Lyre’s: Booze-Free Festivities
“Sober, Not Scrooge” - that’s the Lyre’s way! Got a loved one that’s not a drinker, or perhaps someone that’s trying to cut down? Don’t let them feel left out, this Christmas. Gift them bottles of bubbly celebrations - sans the alcohol and guilt. Bringing you a selection of the finest non-alcoholic spirits - Lyre’s exquisite concoctions aren’t just for the teetotalers. Priding themselves in spirits that taste like the real deal - they’re a great pick even for drinkers that simply enjoy the taste! With high-quality, all-natural blends inspired by gin, whiskey, bourbon, liqueur - and many many more, they’ve got something for everyone. For just $59 you can pick up the perfect bottle for someone special this holiday season, or amp it up with one of their cocktail trio sets, mixers and bar accessories.

This one’s also a great pick for the health nuts in your life. Aside from being alcohol-free, Lyre’s spirits are also low-calorie and vegan! What’s not to love?

4.Hook Coffee: Homegrown Specialty Coffees

There’s never a wrong time for a good cuppa joe - especially when it’s ethically sourced, delicious, fresh, and best of all… actually affordable! This Christmas, help the caffeine craver in your life say goodbye to overpriced lattes, diluted brews and lengthy coffee runs - with a gift that simply keeps on giving. Bringing Singapore an array of irresistible coffees from the world's best farms in the form of pods, capsules, drip coffees and beans - Hook does coffee like never before. Find yourself the perfect match with Hook's coffee quiz, or explore their array of decadent roasts - with delicious flavour picks for every palette. Pure coffee with notes of chocolate, wine and cookies, anyone? And, if you’re still not sure - Hook’s got a fabulous range of gifting picks, starting at only $15.

Help someone kick that overpriced coffee addiction to the curb this Christmas, and get them Hook-ed on the real deal.

5.Kittea: Cute-Tea Gourmet Tea Blends

When it comes to finding the purr-fect gift for your caffeine dependant friend coffee isn’t the only way. Kittea - a homegrown, female-owned, gourmet tea brand is raising the stakes in the realm of caffeine with totally adorable gifting picks! Featuring a range of stunning artisanal tea blends from across the globe, adorned with cute kittens across their packaging, Kittea makes tea time a whole lot more sublime. So, for the tea lover, the cat lover - or both, pick up a Christmas gift from Kittea’s range of gift sets starting at only $16, or curate your own gift from their gourmet formulations. Pomegranate Rooibos, Strawberry Sundae and Berry infused teas? Divine! For the holidays, Kittea’s also got an exclusive Christmas collection with personalized gifts and their limited edition festive blends - Caramel Cocoa Rooibos and Melon Peach Green Tea.

What better way to gift them the paw-fect holiday experience, than with a unique cuppa heart-warming herbs, to snuggle up to?

6.The Edible Co.: Wholesome, Handmade Snacks

For the health nut, the one whose resolution is to get fit for 2023, or for just about anybody that loves a good snack - the perfect gift that’ll have them craving for more. Meet The Edible Co. A brand that brings you 100% natural, handmade and wholesome snacks to keep your tummy and tastebuds satisfied. From breakfast favourite Espresso Nut & Coconut Gula Melaka granolas to teatime Honey & Chocolate Cranberry cookies - The Edible Co. serves up an array of irresistible delights, that are actually good for you! This Christmas, give someone you love the gift of good health, with The Edible Co.’s snack-tastic hampers - starting at only $25.

Amidst all the decadent Christmas indulgence, make your way to their heart (health) through their stomachs - with The Edible Co.

7.Aura: Nourishment On The Go

One thing you can’t deny - we Singaporeans are known for living some of the most fast-paced lives! It’s no wonder that we barely find time to stop and smell the roses - or nourish ourselves with something wholesome. Rather than reaching for that fourth cup of milo, unfulfilling bag of chips, or the quickest fix at the nearest Mamak - Aura’s got the perfect solution for all the busy bees, rushing around. Boasting Singapore's Most Powerful Portable Blender - Aura lets you blend anywhere, at any temperate, and as quick as can be. Plus, you can now get your Aura sidekick for only $65.90 for a limited period.

So, this Christmas, gift someone the convenience of super smoothies, delicious frappes or even quick soups right from the comfort of their desk, dorm room or even on the go.

8.Chai Sunrise: Planning With Purpose

With 2023 right around the corner, the planners, journals and resolution-filled post-its are already being pulled out. But let’s be real, it never lasts too long. By February, they’re usually piled up with the rest of the annual stationery in some corner. But, Chai Sunrise has cracked the code to journaling that remains engaging and fulfilling, forever. Planners and self-care journals filled with prompts, positive affirmations and spaces for your most memorable moments make mindfulness through journaling a true delight. Pick from their stunning range of minimalist weekly planners, daily journals, or all-in-one bundle sets - starting at only $35.

Whether it’s for a loved one, a colleague, or for yourself - this Christmas, give them the gift of positivity and self-care, with preserved memories that they can cherish forever.

9.Mira: Sustainable Self Care

Know someone that’s had a truly stressful year, or just deserves some extra TLC? Nothing better than a set of self-care essentials to get them feeling pampered and peppy for the holiday season. Bringing you an array of handmade, ethically-produced and sustainable self-care essentials - MIRA’s line of products is an absolute essential for the busy bees in your life. From artisan soaps and candles to stylish kaftans and home decor - you’re sure to find the perfect present, to primp up just about anyone’s day!

This Christmas, you can choose from MIRA’s holiday-exclusive soap curations and gift sets, customize your own gift box, or even pick up one of their pre-made sets, starting at only $39.

10.Maison 21G: You-Nique Fragrances

Perfumes - we love receiving them, and we love gifting them. Yet, at some point, this quintessential fail-safe gift has become nothing but a mere cliche, as generic as a yearly planner. Now - in comes Maison 21G to change the game! When you’ve run out of ideas for perfumes to gift someone special, or when that once-rare scent has become all too generic - think outside the bottle. One of the first of its kind - Maison 21G puts the “U” in perfumes. Whether you craft a concoction of your favourite fragrance notes or let their quiz curate a blend based on your personality - one thing’s for sure, it’ll be the perfect perfume, made especially for you.

For just $50 you could gift them an on-the-go scent duo, or go the extra mile and get their tailored fragrance in a personalized bottle for just $130. It's the everyday essential, transformed into a truly You-nique Christmas gift.

Now that you’re armed with a list of Singapore’s best Christmas gifts, it’s time to get shopping for all your loved ones - and of course, yourself too! Here’s wishing you a holly jolly, rush and stress-free Christmas celebration.

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