Being method is a big deal. It takes soooo much time and effort that it can de draining, both physically and mentally. Here are some tips you can take to be way more method and so much more serious about your acting career.

1. For weeks, seclude yourself in wilderness and live among the animal species you are portraying in children's animation

2. Ditch the fork: only eat food with the tusk of an African Bush Elephant or, if tusks completely unavailable, use bare hands, more specifically the bare hands of an orangutan

3. Talk about being "so" method at least fourteen times a day; obnoxiously exploit your method on various outlets of social media

4. Drink your own piss

5. Scene missing risk factor? Keep three or more ninja stars in pocket at all times to throw at fellow actors

6. Kill my Uncle (just a personal favor)

7. Refill you tear ducts with sulfuric acid; slowly melt into puddle of sadness and despair

8. Eat at least one body part of yours (doesn't matter which one- you can choose!)

9. If you are playing a historical figure, try locating and digging up their dead carcass. When you have brought him/her back to your basement study, lather both of your bodies in fiber vanilla Pediasure and flop around like a beautiful trout. This will naturally enhance your connection to the deceased person's former values and inner life.

10. Die alone