10 Weekend Getaways Every PNW College Student Should Be Taking This Year
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10 Weekend Getaways Every PNW College Student Should Be Taking This Year

Grab a group of your friends, a map, a lot of coffee and experience all that the neighboring cities of the Pacific North West has to offer.

Georgina Fernandez

The Pacific North West (PNW) contains numerous breath taking and adventure filled cities all around herself. Whether spending the day in the snow is your thing, or finding a new local restaurant and club to hang out at night, PNW holds numerous places for any travel loving soul to run off to for the weekend. Take a break from the books some time this next year and embark on a journey of music, food and love within her wonder lust cities.

1) Bend, Oregon

Georgina Fernandez

Escape to Bends winter wonderland during the winter months or explore her sunny scenery in the spring and summer months. Whatever time of year travels find themselves in Bend, they will be greeted by her one of a kind hospitality and adventure filled agenda. Touristic can drive 30 minutes outside of the town to spend the afternoon snowboarding and skiing on Mt. Bachelor or explore the hiking trails of Sun River. All the to end their night in the Old Mill district where they can enjoy walks by the river, various award winning restaurants and watch the sunset as it falls asleep behind the mountain tops.

2) Seattle, Washington

City scene of seattle


Wheither you are in the mood for grungy music, coffee or watching fish being thrown around at Pike Place Market, Seattle provides a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Get out your camera and pull on your tourist hat, as you visit the cities iconic locations such as the Gum Wall, Space Needle and the endless boutiques at the market. If you find yourself caught in one of her many rain storms, spend the afternoon touring the Museum of Pop Culture to learn more about the iconic music scenery of Seattle that brought us Kurt Cobain and see the original costumes of your favorite child hood movies.

3) Las Vegas, Nevada

Georgina Fernandez

Viva Las Vegas! Pack your car for a road trip and journey out to the desert for a getaway to "Sin City", aka Las Vegas baby. The city is perfect to blow steam by visiting one of their numerous night club venues or casinos. However, the city holds so much more then a place to loss money and leave your problems back at home. Travelers can take day trips to visit the majestic Hoover Dam and take a tour of it. They also can trade in last night high heels for a pair of tennis shoes and explore the Red Rock Canyons which will still visiters breath just 17 miles from the Las Vegas city center. Whether you are looking for a place to forget about life in a drink or nature, Vegas is the place calling you home.

4) Shasta, California

Boat house on Shasta Lake


A traditional college Memorial Day week-end getaway venue, Shasta lake provides a perfect escape for the weekend in her natural beauty. The lake provides numerous hiking trails that run along the lake front. For visiters wanting to take their trip more aquatic, she is a perfect destination to enjoy boating, fishing and the occasional swim.

5) Astoria, Oregon


Calling all Goonies lovers! Spend the day exploring the films classic film locations across the small town. To continue your tribute to all the other classic films filmed in Oregon, visit the Oregon Film Museum to enjoy all the other films filmed in Oregon. to After tipping off you hat to the iconic film, take the drive to the Astoria Column and climb the 125 foot tower to the top and enjoy the 360 degree view of the town. Take the nine mile drive out of Astoria and visit the ship wreak of Peter Iredale at Fort Stevens State Park. When the tide is low, it is a perfect place to take pictures and enjoy a walk on the Oregon coast.

6) Vancouver, BC

Georgina Fernandez

Get your passports ready and road trip to Canada for the weekend. Vancouver provides the best of both worlds with its active night life scene in Yalestown and Grainstation and breath taking nature the engulfs the whole city. Take a stroll through Stanley Park and enjoy the scenery. A perfect destination to take a bike ride or walk around the cities seawall. Stanley Park is also home to the Vancouver Aquarium where visiters can spend their afternoon discovering the marine life of the Pacific North West. End your night by visiting the old military station at Ferguson Point, the ideal romantic setting to take panoramic photographs and enjoy a nice romantic dinner.

7) Portland, Oregon

Portland Winter city lights


If you loved the music culture of Seattle, you will fall even more in love with Portland. Being the largest city in Oregon, Portland is the home to hipsters, food trucks and numerous hiking trails just minutes outside of the city. For anyone wanting to soak in a little culture when mother nature does her regular rain falls in the city, can spend the day exploring the Portland Art Museum. However, when the sun is out, the real fun begins. Spend the day walking a long the water front, exploring the mysterious items that are for sale at the the largest Saturday Market in the United States and off course try all the food the city has to offer. Whether that be one of her convenient food carts presenting a variety of food from all corners of the world or the famous Voodoo Donuts that will bring your taste bugs for a trip. Get loss and funky in her, "Keep Portland Weird" spirt.

8) San Fransisco, California 

Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge


San Fransisco is a true food lovers paradise. Whether you are in the mood to take a trip to Italy or China, the city offers you all sorts of cuisines to make your taste buds dance with delight. When you aren't enjoy the rich cuisines of the city, enjoy the sites of the Painted Ladies, as shown in the iconic show Full House, explore Fisherman's wharf and go and take some classic photos beside the Golden Gate Bridge.

9) San Juan Islands, Washington

San Juan Waterfront


Travel to what seems to be a different world the next time you find yourself in Seattle. Take the ferry and enjoy the harbor town of the San Juan islands. A perfect destination for all marine life lovers and nature enthusiast. The islands has numerous of hiking and biking travels all around her. She is also home to the Whales who were featured in the Free Willy movie series for any Movie Buffs who may be interested in taking a tour or visiting the Whale Museum it is downtown.

10) Canon Beach, Oregon

Georgina Fernandez

The iconic Haystack Rock should always be in your background of one of your first trips to the Oregon Coast. Canon beach gives you the iconic Oregon Coast beach feel. With her sand duns on one side, providing a perfect excuse to hide out in her sandy hills or walking around the coast line trails. Her long beach feel provides the perfect excuse to oder a coffee from Insomnia Coffee in their down town and wondering in deep conversation as the tide rolls in and out. After a long day of walking her dog friendly beach front, take a stroll through her down town where you can find numerous restaurants and art galleries to satisfy your needs.

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