New Years Resolutions: Think Big, But Plan Small

New Years Resolutions: Think Big, But Plan Small

Give yourself attainable goals

New year, new me!

But is it really? Up until a few years ago, I've always thought of the new year as a fresh start. What I didn't realize was how ridiculous my resolutions were. I wanted to eat better, exercise more, start my day earlier, etc. and things went great, for about a week. I recently realized why my New Year's resolutions were SO hard. I was trying to break habits that I've spent years developing.

The reality is that we come into the new year with big expectations for ourselves and for our futures but soon realize how difficult our resolutions are to achieve, and forget about them. Because of this, I've become a huge advocate of short-term goals. Instead of making a resolution that will take months to achieve, try making a daily short-term goal for yourself. Something that you strive to do every day.

Long-term goals take a long time to see results and the lack of satisfaction you feel eventually forces you to "try again next year." Short-term goals offer immediate satisfaction and therefore are easier to keep up with. For example, instead of making your new years resolution to lose weight, simply tell yourself that you want to go on a 30-minute walk every day. If you can't do it every day, then 4-5 times a week. This gives you a daily goal, instant satisfaction, and before you know it, that short-term goal leads to the weight loss that you wanted all along.

After all, we all have to start somewhere.

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Daily Habits To Adopt in 2018

Some simple ways to make each day a little better this new year.

In order to make 2018 the best year it can possibly be, we must strive to make the best of each day. Therefore, here are some habits to adopt that can make each day the best it can be:

1. Drink Water Immediately After Waking Up

You don't necessarily have to chug a gallon of water once you open your eyes, but it's a good idea to start the day off with a cup of water. The body is composed of about 65% water, so after about 8 hours of sleep when you do not drink anything, it is important to rehydrate as soon as you wake up. It is especially important to hydrate before drinking coffee or any other caffeinated beverage as caffeine is a mild diuretic.

2. Get Spiritual

Spend some time focusing on any spiritual or religious practice each day as this is a great stress reliever. Spending some time in prayer or meditating can also allow you to start your day on a more positive note. It can make you feel more balanced and in control of your day/time. It is also great for personal growth and development to spend some time cultivating your beliefs.

3. Go Outside

We live in such a sedentary lifestyle that most people will not go outside unless they absolutely have to. There are actually many benefits to going outside even for a few minutes. Getting some fresh air can be very calming because it gives our skin the sunlight it needs to produce vitamin D. It is also great because the sight of nature can actual increase brain function. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to go for a brisk walk can cause a world of benefits.

4. Tidy Your Space

In many ways, our physical surroundings can replicate our mindset. A cluttered room may be an indication of a cluttered mind. Take a few minutes everyday to tidy up whether it be putting away clothes, washing dishes, or making your bed. Not only will this help clear your mind and mentally prepare for other tasks, it will prevent your space from getting insanely messy. A daily 10 minutes cleaning period sounds better than having to search through the disaster site that comes about after two weeks of not cleaning.

5. Have a Sweet Treat

Indulge in whatever "junk" food it is that you are craving, whether sweet or salty! When many people try to lose weight, they incorporate weekly cheat days or cheat meals. The issue with waiting all week for one dessert or one snack is that it makes us feel deprived, so we end up binging during the cheat meal or just breaking down altogether and stopping the diet (which you shouldn't be on anyway). It is best to stop this notion of good foods and bad foods. Simply eat everything in moderation and look for healthy alternatives. Also, cooking food yourself ends up being healthier almost all the time. If you're craving a brownie, it is much better to have a small brownie the day you are craving it than to wait for cheat day and end up eating 3 because of your out of control brownie cravings.

The best way to make long term changes is to make better choices everyday. Thinking of changes as a day by day basis instead of as a year-long odyssey makes the journey a lot easier. One step at a time, one day at a time. You can do it!

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10 Hot Takes You've Probably Had During A Hot Bath

Let's be honest: baths are kind of overrated.

Have you ever been looking forward to a bath all day, only to get in and realize, as much as you hate to admit it, it's really not all that great? I have, pretty much every time. Maybe it's just because I'm a very anxious person and have a hard time relaxing, but every time I take a bath, I inevitably have most, if not all, of these thoughts.

1. This is going to be so relaxing!

Warm, sudsy water? Check. Magazine? Check, but I don't really feel like holding it up to actually read it. Phone off and away? No, this is a bath, not a form of torture.

2. Now what?

OK, I've been sitting here for five minutes flipping through my magazine and I'm starting to get bored. Also, the water is getting cold and this is honestly not as great as they make it look on TV and in the movies.

3. There's soap scum everywhere.

How?! I just scrubbed this tub last week!

4. Was that a text?

I know this is supposed to be my time to relax and 'disconnect' but I can't remember if that was my text or email notification noise. I'll just take a quick peek, I won't answer anyone...

5. This water is probably filthy.

I guess at the end of this bath I should rinse off and take a shower because technically I'm just sitting in my own dirty water now, right? But then what was the point of the bath?

6. This is actually super stressful.

I thought this was supposed to be relaxing, but all I can think about is how I don't think I'm doing this right and now I'm just stressing out about how I shouldn't be stressing out.

7. Where is my damn towel?

How did I forget to bring a towel? Now I have to make a mad dash to the linen closet and face the freezing cold air outside the tub.

8. Eh, shaving's out.

The little bits of stubble will just go to the bottom of the tub and sit there and that's gross, so I think I'll just skip shaving. Again.

9. What was that noise?

I know I just heard a noise. I'm pretty sure I locked the front door but now I'm second-guessing myself and I don't want to be attacked in my tub, with a week's worth of stubble on my legs.

10. I prefer showers, sorry not sorry.

This really wasn't relaxing, it was torture trying not to look at my phone, I don't feel clean, and all this peace and quiet is freaking me out and making me overthink everything. I'll stick to showers.

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