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5 Great But Underrated Artists You're Not Listening To But Should Be

Sometimes the best music isn't on the Billboard Top 100.

5 Great But Underrated Artists You're Not Listening To But Should Be

Ah, pop music. How my disdain and appreciation for you shifts radically. While, on the whole, popular music has peaked my interest as there are not many boundaries for what can be popular music, I still feel as if the most talented of artists still go unnoticed. So, to do my part in repairing this artistic disparity, here are just a few artists that I feel are chart-topping material to get you started.

1. Mother Feather

This female-fronted punk rock group from New York City carries a beautiful yet raspy style that brings out anyone's feminine fury. Their melodies and lyrics get you not only excited, but empowered to be bold and daring, creating many allusions to sexual energy and all around self power. If you want to really believe you are unstoppable, listen to this band.

2. Coast Modern


Coast Modern is an indie pop duo formed out of Los Angeles. Their self-titled album released in 2017 contains all the chill music you need for a relaxing day at the beach, a casual house party or even for merely unwinding by yourself after a long day.

3. Blac Rabbit

If you were lucky enough to come across the now viral videos of Blac Rabbit covering songs by The Beatles in the NYC subway, you'll be happy to know that their debut album was just released back in December of 2017. The band, originally from Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, pulls classic rock influences from bands like The Beatles to form a modern, psychedelic rock sound that mellows you out like a smooth drink of alcohol, without the hangover.



Bluesy, acid rock has unfortunately taken a backseat when it comes to popular music. This rock duo from London brings that back and more with a beautiful and provocative sound that seeps through your ear drums and fires up your inner badass.

5. Lee Corey Oswald


Described as "pop rock," this four-piece band based out of Portland, Oregon, is known for their upbeat melodies and angsty lyrics. This group is perfect for when you want to listen to that classic Warped Tour sounding music, while also acknowledging their individuality of imaginative lyricism.

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