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Join our Creative Team

A position on the creative team of The Odyssey allows you the opportunity to have your work published up to 30+ times a year in a full-color publication to over 5,000 students on your campus every week during the academic year. Talk about celeb status.

We have created The Odyssey to be an enjoyable lifestyle publication that you look forward to reading over breakfast or lunch with your brothers or sisters. Your Greek peers write articles in your local Odyssey which is why they are topics of interest to you and your Greek community. Such topics include philanthropy events, Greek happenings, campus events, sports, fashion, entertainment and more.

First thing is first, you do not have to be a journalism or English major. We are always looking for creative Greek minds to join our team on the 35 campuses across the country, and all majors are welcome. Some of our most interesting and talented writers have been biochemistry, zoology or architecture majors. The diversity in our writers allows us to cover a wide range of interests and styles so every Greek can pick up The Odyssey and find something of interest to them.

We also have more positions outside of being a writer such as our editor-in-chief, contributing editor, photo journalist and marketing director. The amount of experience that you will gain in the experience is one that will aid you no matter your post-grad destination. We have had creative team members go on to work at major advertising agencies and publications like Southern Living, all of which have attributed a great deal of experience and success to their involvement in The Odyssey.


The editor-in-chief is responsible for setting the tone and vision of each issue by working closely with writers to brainstorm story ideas and edit content. Weekly duties include recruiting new writers, writing an editor’s note, determining which articles go on which pages, and supporting and motivating Odyssey staff on campus.

Social Media Director

The social media director is responsible for communicating with the broader campus community about issues of importance to The Odyssey through various social media outlets, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Weekly duties include updating local social accounts, encouraging Odyssey writers to update their own accounts, providing story ideas and feedback to the editorial team from social media, and interacting with our readers online.


Photographers at The Odyssey are visual luminaries- they’d see life through the lense of their camera. This position requires someone with an amazing eye who can catch those unbelievable moments that take place right on their campus. We need a photo and editing savant and an individual who isn’t afraid to get in the middle of things to land the perfect shot. Shooting both assigned stories or shooting as you walk through campus, Photographers at The Odyssey are always ready to shoot and striving to land their photo on the cover of the next issue. Your photography will be used both online and in print reaching an extremely large audience so we only want the best of the best!

Multimedia Coordinators

Multimedia coordinators are the magicians here at The Odyssey. We focus on the words while you bring them to life. Is your GoPro permanently attached to your forehead? Do you only use your iPhone for videotaping your silly friends on the weekends? Then this is the job for you. We are looking for passionate videographers to take creative, unique and captivating videos The Multimedia Coordinator is responsible for researching and capturing visual content and editing the stories for multiple platforms including Vine and Instagram. This position requires weekly video proposals and submissions.  We are looking for the most creative individuals to tackle this job. Is that you? Prove it! Lights, cameras, action!


As a writer, you will select a few sections that you are interested in writing about and work with your managing editor to find the best one for you. You will submit a weekly article online within that section and include photos at times. You will work with your team to produce great content locally, in the special issues five times a year as well as driving social traffic to the website to spur social engagement. There are also different teams a writer can be involved with nationally – S.W.A.T which focuses on breaking news and TRENDS which focuses on the popular news of the moment.